The bones recovered in the search of the missing Vatican girl

Forensic experts on Saturday in the Vatican, the bones are out of harm’s way in the search for the since 1983, the missing Emanuela Orlandi. The remains of the layers in the two so-called knekelhuizen, in which the bones of the dead will be saved. The bones were in last week, has been located.

Earlier this month, two of the tombs at a cemetery, which was opened in the search for Orlandi. In the course, however, there was no physical evidence has been found, with the two German girls who were supposed to lie down.

In the study, which followed it, were two of the knekelhuizen have been found beneath the floor of a centuries-old institution, which is next to the cemetery is located. The bones, which are Saturdays, be taken into consideration for the research.

The cemetery, which was, sixty years ago, it was last rebuilt. Kerkmedewerkers think that it was the remains of two of the girls at work have been moved around, and never have to go to the grave was brought back.

Is not clear to whom the bones have been

The Vatican does not make any representations have been made about who is in the knekelhuizen found the bones. Or sign a form that they can be studied in the hope to identify who the bones of.

Orlandi, the daughter of a City clerk, and was fifteen years old when she was killed. There are various theories surrounding the fate of the little girl, but it was never clear what happened to her has happened. She was last seen at a bus station in central Rome, close to the school of music, where she flute me.

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