The blankets and candles will save the life is crushed by the Polish cavers

Two it sit since Saturday, stuck in a cave in Poland. Contact with the outside world, they are not, therefore, affect the rescue workers to remain in the dark about their situation. If it is still alive, then they can with limited resources are able to sustain it, you think, Tom Carron, of the Covenant with the Flemish It.

In the cave, it is around 4 degrees Celsius, and as a result, the men, and the risk may be too cold to the touch. “A lot of it will have normally the one survival blanket, and a candle with them in order to stay warm in the event of an emergency. That is a candle to place it under the blanket to keep their body temperature up,” explains Carron, from.

Also, having it by default with a bailout from food and drink to him. “You have to provide in advance that, for example, for five days, one of us needs to do. However, if you realize that you have locked, you need to have any.”

The grotonderzoekers got stuck due to a road were flooded with water. This is likely to have been caused by the rain. When they are dry to the chances of survival, according to Carron and bigger. Then, it is important to have a secure and safe location to try and find out where they are quietly waiting for. It won’t be pleasant, but it is important to minimize energy waste.”

In addition, it is important that the it in a visible place so that search and rescue team to see if they are asleep.


Search and rescue team to search for missing cavers in Polish cave

The rising water took it

According to Carron, let it always be with someone, to know that they are in a cave, go in it and at what time they expect to return to it. In this way, there is always a person of contact that will sound an alarm.

The team of cavers that the Saturday of the cave entrance, there were originally six members. The four remaining scientists saw a chance to escape when the waters began to rise, and alerted the emergency services.

Carron believes that the investigators were struck by the water due to a heavy shower of rain. “In the planning of the trip, do you take into account the weather conditions. If you know that some of the passages are easily able to fill up with water, than stay away from you.”

What may have played a role, that is, the cave is not yet fully explored. The men are trapped in the cave Jaskinia Wielka Sniezna. The large, snowy cave has a length of 23 km and an altitude of over 800 meters. This cave is the longest, largest and deepest cave of Poland. The system is located in the mountain Area, which is part of the Carpathian mountains in the south of the country.

Dozens of reddingwerkers gathered at the entrance of the cave, in the hill country Area. (Photo: Reuters)

Rescue workers set explosives in the

The Polish bergreddingsvereniging Tatrzanskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (TOPR) is coordinating the search. The association specializes in working in an austere environment, and consists of a range of experts. 27 search and rescue team will be supported by 5 fighters.

Even though the team knows exactly where it is situated, the circumstances in the cave, it is difficult for them to achieve it. Due to the tight corridors, you can have only one rescuer is stationary. The rescue team, putting small explosive devices in order to take a different route and create passages, to dilate, to make.

May have it lucky in that the water is lowering, as is that, according to Carron, however, depending on how the cave system works. “It can be compared to a bathtub. This can quickly fill up with water, but the bath is a really small outlet, it typically takes a long time for the water to get out of.”

Another option is the rescue team still has to get to the water pump. But there are hooks and eyes. “If it’s water in a different way to wrap, it has very little meaning,” he says.

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