The billionaire is trapped in The run for Governor of Illinois, to make remarks about black politicians

The democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois J. B. Pritzker takes his place on the podium in front of a televised forum Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018, in Chicago. Six Democrats vying for the chance to unseat Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. March 20. (John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune via AP, Pool)

A democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois would like to apologize for the racially insensitive comments caught on an FBI wiretap, between him and then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The billionaire business-man candidate J. B. Pritzker, was to hear what it Blagojevich, suggesting appoints Secretary of state Jesse White, Senate seat, calling him the “least offensive” African-American.

Pritzker, as a leader in the 20. March primary, said Tuesday that he regrets recorded parts of the conversations during a ten-year-old investigation of Blagojevich, now in prison for beliefs, attempting to trade an appointment to Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat for campaign cash.

“I regret the conversations in many ways, the words I used and the things I say on this call, I would have preferred, said. … I can make and I said,” Pritzker. “I have clearly made a mistake that day and I was clearly not my best.”

Injection family of Chicago politics has influenced for decades. His sister, Penny, served as Minister of Commerce under Obama.

White, who supported J. B. Pritzker’s candidacy, stood beside him during the Tuesday press conference. Other black legislators.

Pritzker said he has done nothing wrong and noted he was never accused of wrongdoing. He said Tuesday he believed, to damage that people who were leaking the tapes, his campaign, and he would look at “” possible legal action.

The “Chicago Tribune” published the previously unreleased recording from a ten-year-old investigation of Blagojevich on late Monday evening.

The tribune has not published, as the newspaper will get the shots that were not played under the interception of audio before the court, formed the core of the evidence against Blagojevich.

Pritzker opponents condemned the remarks, with businessman Chris Kennedy called it “disqualifications.”

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, who is seeking a second term in office, has already been stated, the ads attack Pritzker, the function of the interception of audio, the Chicago Tribune published last year. These ads Pritzker and Blagojevich were heard discussing the Senate appointment, and a possible state job appointment.

On the recording, Pritzker Blagojevich proposes to appoint White instead of other African-Americans, including Jesse Jackson Jr, or Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett. He says, “covers the African-American thing.”

Disgraced Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, was sentenced to prison in 2011.

(AP, file)

He continued, “Of all the Afro-Americans, I think, that are qualified … and the people will say: ‘Oh, you know, this is a pretty good pick,” the one that is the least offensive, and perhaps gets you the most, because it gets you, Secretary of state appointment is Jesse White.”

Later in the call, Pritzker was to hear how he laughs Blagojevich joked about the appointment of Obama’s former minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose comments followed Obama’s campaign in 2008. Among other things, Wright said, the U.S. brought on the Sept. 11 attacks, by committing terrorism against others, and that the people should sing “God Damn America” instead of “God Bless America”.

On the call, Blagojevich, Wright mimics, imagine that he said: “God Damn America” on the floor of the Senate.

“That’s funny,” Pritzker said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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