The biggest wedding fail of 2019: The joyful moments of couples would prefer to forget

This year has been a good year for the wedding, flops, and fails.

Weddings are great when they go off without a hitch. However, for some, that special day has been full of potholes, sometimes even before the bride gets to the aisle.

Here’s a look back at the biggest wedding fail by 2019.

Harsh and invitationsVideo

The year started off with an overly-complicated two-page “save-the-date invite that was widely slammed as a “fail” for the “aggressive” tone, and the lack of concrete information.

The bride was ashamed of her for her devious and invites-with the title: “Things to Keep in Mind Before You Say Yes” — which included warnings such as, “You must have a minimum of two weeks off” and “$4,000 to $ 5,000” to attend to, in spite of the fact that the bride-to-be had not yet selected a site. They did, however, make sure that the guests at the wedding was to take place “in an Asian country.”

“The dinner menu

“The food is not what you want to see on a wedding menu. But that’s a bit of a couple accused of feeding their wedding guests, who are told that they should be eating in a “fancy” meal is offered to guests at the four-star hotel, the hotel where the reception was being held.

The photos on the menu, including pizza, with tuna from a can, frozen Yorkshire pudding, and baked beans — were shared on a popular Facebook shaming “forum, That’s It, I’m a Wedding and Shaming,” where are the others in the group, weighted on the menu and fail, and are claimed to have been “it is better to eat it in school lunches.”

‘McNightmare of a proposal

The Fast-food of the proposals may seem harmless-but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to being ashamed of it online.

A man who chose to propose to his girlfriend by sticking a diamond ring into the bun of a McDonald’s Big Mac, to open themselves to ridicule when the photo was widely shared on social media. Most who saw the stunt he had like a total failure, with a cleverly dubbing it a “McNightmare.” Another simply wrote: “a Big Mac? Big No, No!”

‘Runny poop” cherry fail

This was probably not the kind of look that the bride and groom were going for with their wedding.

A bride and groom have been ridiculed for their wedding cake, the icing is not that a lot of it online compared to as a “runny poop.” It’s disgusting, brown, and gold cake, with three square tiers, in what seems to be the gold royal icing and was topped with a mottled brown glaze, running down the side of the cake. The chocolate mess was also some gold accents, a snarky social-media-user-in comparison with the “runny poop with corn.”

The wedding cake falls over

This cake was three layers of paint to the floor.

In a series of images of the bride and groom and the beginning of the cut from the stacked, naked style wedding cake, complete with macaron decorations, before the table tips, and to make the cake crash on the ground.
(Kennedy’s New Look

That exact moment, a couple of the wedding cake slides off of his feet and on the ground, and was captured by their wedding photographer, and retaining, for a time, the couple wants to remember. In the pictures, the bride and groom are cut into the naked style wedding cake for just before the table tips, the send of the wedding cake — and for the honeymoon destination for the perfect reception — from crashing to the ground.

Leaning turkey and pie

Furthermore, a piece of pie, a few on the left were outraged when their peacock-themed wedding cake is more like a “misalignment in turkey, with leprosy” instead of ” the royal bird, they were expected to.

Rena Davis, of Georgia, and had ordered the perfect wedding cake, after the show was laid out with a view of the same, she’d found online.
(Kennedy’s New Look

Rena Davis, of Georgia, had a wedding cake based on a picture she saw online, which is depicted as a beautiful, colourful peacock-themed cake is made up of little cupcakes. After the bakery the bride, was the cake-Davis, said that when she was presented with a “leaning mess,” that make her “abilities.”

Upon the receipt of a refund — which they claimed that they only received as a result of her viral post,–, Davis went out and bought a cake at the grocery store on the morning of her wedding day.

‘Botched’ engagement photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. and the over 60,000 Twitter does.

A few of the engagement photos went viral after a man nearly drowned and she is in the champagne region on a “failed” attempt to recreate a Pinterest photo.

The couple said that they were trying to recreate a photo found on Pinterest.
(Chandler Lefever / Salt-Water-Peak Photography


Alyssa Snodsmith, and then the friend Collin Hewett was hoping for a romantic photo shoot, which led him to pour champagne into her mouth in front of a forest in the background. However, Hewett’s heavy-handed pours, his wife gasping for air — and a Twitter and crying with joy.

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