The big impact in the game-after a delay, EC

Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.Corona virus·, 8 minutes ago,with A hefty dose of updates, so for the last few minutes of the game of football. And the most important points:

  • European cup final to 2021
  • European CHAMPIONSHIP women-to-2022
  • Also the Copa America the year deferred
  • THE new date for the cup final
  • The competitions should be for the month of July to be ready

Corona virus · 16 minutes ago there areCompetitions to be able to play until June 30
The union has, among others, the Dutch fa (KNVB) to let you know that the national league for the month of July last, must have been. “After the talks in the afternoon, it is now clear that all of the leagues in Europe on June 30, should be able to get. We hope to soon have more information about the various scenarios and be able to say,” said Eric Gudde, director of professional soccer. The union has opted to do so because of the spelerscontracten, who this season is running until the 30th of June.Corona virus · 27 minutes ago there areAlso the Copa America the year deferred
The union acknowledges that it is the CONMEBOL according to the Copa America for a year, from the summer of 2021. So, European clubs and South American players in the space to be one season at a time and finish it.Corona virus · 28 minutes agoKoeman: “I delay is understandable’
“It is, of course, is a very boring post, but we have to understand that the choice has been made,” said head coach Ronald Koeman in response to the establishment of the european CHAMPIONSHIP. “The developments of the past year have surprised to the decision, not us. What is paramount is the safety of people and the containment of the spread of the corona virus. Of course, I would prefer to have a european CHAMPIONSHIP played this summer, but we have to be realistic and for us to be there on the table.”Corona virus · 33 minutes ago, theDutch fa (KNVB) is looking for a new date for the cup final
The BOARD lets you know of a new date for the cup final between Feyenoord and FC Utrecht. Because of the corona virus may be the clubs are not training up to and including the 6th of april. The cup final was scheduled on the 19th of april, and that the BOARD be asked to make the two teams will once again have the opportunity to give up in order to get fit.Corona virus · 35 minutes ago, theeuropean CHAMPIONSHIP for women year-deferred
As a result of the establishment of the european CHAMPIONSHIP for men from 2020 to 2021, being the european CHAMPIONSHIP for women with a-year opposition. The tournament is in England now, in the summer of 2022 to take place. The orange is the winner.Corona virus · 41 mins ago –UEFA confirms: european CHAMPIONSHIPS to the 2021
Here is the attachment of the post! The european football CHAMPIONSHIP this summer because of the corona virus moved to the summer of 2021. The movement of the euro will give a national and European competitions will have the chance to be in the summer to be able to play. The matches in the european CHAMPIONSHIP play-offs, the training duels) at the end of march, will be postponed to the following summer. It is, I am in 2021, reportedly, from June 11 to July 11.

Euro 2020 is postponed by a year

AvatarAuteurDan RoanMoment of plaatsen15:09 pm – march 17, 2020Coronavirus one hour geledenOok, Rafael van der Vaart has coronatijd have found a way to keep themselves entertained.Video

How to kill time during a Corona, a lock down… Stay safe people 🙌

AvatarAuteurRafael of of VaartMoment of plaatsen14:47 – 17-march-2020Coronavirus one hour geledenToptennisster Simona Halep makes a donation will be made to hospitals in Romania, for which medical equipment to buy.Video

We are so grateful for the bravery of our medical professionals at these difficult times. I am committed to helping my country and have decided to donate the medical equipment.
Please see my Facebook page for more info.:
Stay safe and look after each other 💪🇷🇴❤

AvatarAuteurSimona HalepMoment of plaatsen14:22 – march 17, 2020Coronavirus-four hours ago,“Even a Copa America the year deferred
According to media in Brazil, the Copa America was delayed for one year. That the tournament would be in brazil and Colombia, but those countries will have to wait until the summer of 2021.Corona virus · a 2-hour geledenDe children of John Degenkolb are not allowed to go to school, but the German rider of Lotto Soudal will have to continue to work out. And this is the best way to do that is to solve the problem.Video

When schools in Germany are closed in a quick training session for @johndegenkolb-in-a-remote-area-with-the-kids-in-the-back 🙈

AvatarAuteurLotto SoudalMoment of plaatsen13:05 pm – 17 march, 2020Coronavirus · 2 hours ago –‘CL-final is postponed to the 27th of June
In the final of the Champions League, is said to be a month or delayed to the 27th of June. At first, the game is in Istanbul on the 30th of may, in the next game. Also, in the final of the Europa League, but will be moved to the 24th of June. With this and plenty of room to be cancelled-to-play players to catch up.Corona virus · 2 hours ago andIt is still unconfirmed delay, I am waiting for the front-line of Orange, with Memphis Depay, Donyell Malen, and Steven Bergwijn has some serious blessuregevallen know.Corona virus · a 2-hour geledenVolgens in the French L’équipe, have all the parties unanimously agreed to a proposal from UEFA to the tournament for one year, from the summer of 2021.Corona virus · 2 hours ago there isa Diverse range of media at home and abroad, the report now is that the CHAMPIONSHIP be moved to the summer of 2021. The post is expected to be this afternoon with an official statement to the outside.Corona virus · a 2-hour geledenDe and the Norwegian football association reported that there was an agreement on the postponement of the CHAMPIONSHIPS to the summer of 2021. June 11 to July 11 will be the dates.

UEFA’s her choice-at-EM-utsettes til 2021. Det skal spilles fra 11. June, lift up to 11. in July, neste år. Mer informasjon kommer.

AvatarAuteurNorgesFotballforbundMoment of plaatsen13:17 – march 17, 2020Coronavirus · 3 hours ago, the‘Clubs and leagues, in agreement with a year delay EUROPEAN trade unions would not be
The different national competitions, and the ECA, the association for the clubs, according to the German broadcaster ZDF, approved the postponement by a year of the european football CHAMPIONSHIP. Only the national federations of the participating countries would need to agree to this proposal of the union.Corona virus · 3 hours ago, theRussian league is shut down
In de Premjer-Liga is won’t play because of the corona virus. All of the large and medium-sized leagues, there will now only be played in Turkey, and the Ukraine.Corona virus · 3-hour geledenDe European turnbond UEG has four I’s are deleted, which in may were planned. It’s going to be:

  • European CHAMPIONSHIP for women in Paris, 30 april-3 may).
  • European CHAMPIONSHIPS for trampoline, in Gothenburg, sweden, from 7 to 10 may).
  • European CHAMPIONSHIPS rhythmic gymnastics in Kiev, 12 to 24 may).
  • European CHAMPIONSHIP for men in Baku, azerbaijan (27-31 may).

Corona virus · 3 hours ago –Japan is expected to ‘complete’ the Olympic Games
“We are going to have always an entire Olympics,” said Seiko Hashimoto, the organizing committee in Tokyo, japan. “We will do our very best to get all of them. By complete, I mean, at the scheduled time, and spectators as well.” In Japan, more than 850, the infection with the corona virus were reported, and 28 of the dead.Corona virus · 3 hours ago there“May be all the team in Valencia to be infected’
Valencia was reported yesterday that nine of the players and the members of the club have been infected with the corona virus. According to several Spanish media, the club suggested that all of the players have been affected. The team at Jasper Cillessen played at the end of march in Milan against Atalanta in Bergamo and Valencia is thought that the infection it is due.Corona virus · 3-hour geledenEerder, all three of speelrondes in the Premier League and three tournaments on the European Tour, the PDC has been cancelled, but there will be more cancelled dartsevenementen with it.

The PDC Unicorn Development Tour and Players Championship events, scheduled to have been played over the next two weekends (March 21-22 & 28-29) have been postponed.
Push️ the Full story:

AvatarAuteurPDC DartsMoment of plaatsen12:24 – march 17, 2020Coronavirus · 4 hours geledenIn the footsteps of, among others, fans of Fortuna Sittard and Feyenoord are also the PSV-supporters, is a sign for a hospital and its health care providers as appropriate. It has been in the Hospital in the ‘city of light’.

Unity Is Strength.

AvatarAuteurpsvMoment of plaatsen11:30 pm – march 17, 2020Coronavirus · 4 hours geledenDe Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri reports that the union is proposing to the EC a year. As expected, the European bond at the beginning of the afternoon, the well-known what to do with the tournament are going to happen.

Uefa has proposed, by themselves, to postpone the Euro to 2021.
A Proposal to be accepted.
Meanwhile Team leaked that Uefa already cancelled all the bookings in Copenaghen

AvatarAuteurTancredi PalmeriMoment of plaatsen11:57 – 17-march-2020Coronavirus · 4 hours ago‘, UEFA cancel EURO hotels”
The CHANCE to talk today with all of the involved parties, allowing for the continuation of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer, however, it is the decision of the event seems to have already been made. According to the news agency Reuters, several hotels, a venue in Copenhagen had already been cancelled by the union.Corona virus · 4 hours geledenIn in an open letter to fans, promises a new Formula 1 chief executive, Chase Carey, that the season starts as soon as you can in a safe manner. For specific information, he may, because of the rapidly changing situation at this time is not for sharing.

A letter to all F1 fans

AvatarAuteurFormula 1Moment of plaatsen10:44 pm – march 17, 2020Coronavirus · 4 hours ago there areAlso with Hertha BSC player has been infected
The corona virus is also the football at times. Now it is also for Hertha BSC as a player, that’s not the name it is called, infected. All of the players and staff of the School, including Karim Rekik, and Javairô Dilrosun, should be within the next two weeks in quarantine. Previously, it was revealed that the Club’s player of SC Paderborn 07 contend with the COVID-19-the virus.Corona virus · 5 hrs ago –the Coach of the Match in fear the end of the gravelseizoen
It is due to the corona virus at this season, on clay, to play? Elise Tamaëla coach Kiki Bertens, doesn’t think so. “Common sense tells you that this year there will be no gravelseizoen to be played. However, we have to go to Madrid,” says Tamaëla on Tuesday at the AD. The tournament, in Madrid, on may 4, will be starting by the all of the cancellations now, with the first event on the WTA calendar.Corona virus · 5 hrs ago –PSV eindhoven requests a reduction in working hours to meet
PSV requests due to the outbreak of the corona virus a reduction in working hours for the staff. “We do not benefit from the legislation, because we are destitute, it isn’t. Because of this, the possibility is there. A big part of our organization and those of the other clubs stand still,” says the general director Toon Gerbrands of the pitch and against the RUN.Corona virus · 6 hours of geledenGeen the Formula 1 weekend in Melbourne, but this is golfkarretjesrace at the Albert Park Circuit and was able to continue.Video

Good to see the Golf Car Championship and getting some racing in at the Albert Park 👌 ⁣⁣
⁣⁣ #F1 #AlphaTauri #Honda #RedBull #Formula1 #Melbourne #AusGP⁣⁣ #repost 🎥 x @rubyivers

AvatarAuteuralphataurif1Moment of plaatsen09:46 pm – 17 march, 2020Coronavirus · 6 hours of geledenJuventus-goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon will be donating to the fund, in the piedmont region, and calls upon others to do the same.Video

The one and only @gianluigibuffon support the cause.
Donate and together with The contents of️

AvatarAuteurJuventusFCMoment of plaatsen10:00 p.m., march 17, 2020Coronavirus · 6 hours of geledenWe can do it in this day and age, not stress enough was very good with your hands! Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Moussa Sissoko will do this for you.Video

Be more Sinai 🧼🚰
📱 @MoussaSissoko

AvatarAuteurTottenham HotspurMoment of plaatsen09:41 pm – 17 march, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hours geledenWat do you expect that the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer is going to be done?

  • It may just be in June / July and continue on
  • Move on to next winter
  • Will be postponed for a year
  • It is not at all played out

Corona virus · 7 hours geledenEerder we have seen how the fans of Fortuna Sittard, health care providers have a heart, too close, not even Liverpool supporters are hanging their banners at a number of hospitals in Rotterdam, the netherlands.

🟩 , Erasmus MC,
⬜️ City Hospital
🟩 Pc. Saint Francis Hospital
@FRFC1908 was here! Have a great way with the help of a number of supporters for the Rotterdam-based care.
#corona virus | #SterkerDoorStrijd

AvatarAuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen21:09 pm – march 16, 2020Coronavirus · 7 hours ago theFountain had not been anticipated that the DEC would have to be suspended
Nouchka Fontijn can’t do that in the OCT, in London, after the British government by Monday, all of the sports events in advance. “That’s when the first bell had sounded, I thought to myself: now they are in the tournament cannot be shut down. This is quite surprising,” says Fountain, who on Tuesday had to be boxing out against the AD.Corona virus · 8 hours agoCHANCE meet to move on to soccer
The union does today, in a conferencecall on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer. All of the 55 member states of the AGENCY (which is all of the clubs that it represents), and competitieleiders and spelersvakbond FIFPro will be discussing what is the best cure for the corona virus. Most likely, the decision is in the afternoon were taken.Corona virus · an 8-hour geledenOp advance, there seem to be four options for the EC:

  • It is just going to continue as planned in June and July
  • It will be moved to the winter
  • It will be delayed for one year
  • The european CHAMPIONSHIP will not
  • Corona virus · an 8-hour geledenWe noticed the past few days has been a lot of players will have a toilet roll on every side and Nemanja Gudelj from Sevilla (ex-ESO, -AZ and Ajax), turns out to be a skilled juggler.Video

    Thank you @munirhaddadi and @garbinivana10 for nominating me for this 🧻challenge. @munirhaddadi , university of sabesss que yo “nunca’ – to-fallo brooo🤪😘 #cositas !

    I nominate: @saratkd7 @sergioregui @dragigudelj @d.carlos03
    Show me some skills! Haz cositas.. 🧻 •
    • #toiletpaperchallenge #papelchallenge #paperchallenge #stayhome #quedateencasa #yomequedoencasa #10toqueschallenge #challenge #sevilla #SFC

    AvatarAuteurnemanjagudeljMoment of plaatsen15:44 pm – march 16, 2020Coronavirus · 8 hours agoWhat is the meaning of the corona virus, for the european football CHAMPIONSHIPS, which is coming next summer, from twelve different European countries to play in? The CHANCE to talk with the unions today in a conference call. The reporter Rypke Bakker explains in this podcast, the possible alternative scenarios.Corona virus · 9 hours ago there isUncertainty in the championships: “We have to do it like in the winter, is
    The team leaders of the team don’t have any idea what the rest of the cycling year is going to look like. “A lot of races where our riders in particular to come to work, are now gone,” said sports director Marc Reef, Team Sunweb. “We should, perhaps, deal with them like this in the winter is a period of rest, the length of the project, and then work to the competition. But, when the first races are going to be is a big question mark. The situation is very complex, and it is not yet clear.”Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:35Daarmee close I am, Pepijn Jansen, is the liveblog for today. In the morning, it will be my colleague, Bart van Dooijeweert keep you up to date on all of the sports, corona news. Have a nice night!!!!Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:29Flamengo-year-old Jesus, tested positive for the virus
    Jorge Jesus, coach of brazil’s Flamengo beach, the corona virus have occurred. A test of the 65-year-old Portuguese has brought a ‘very positive outcome’ of the light. Jesus, in his own country, for many years at the helm at Benfica, and Sporting Lisbon, says the, as yet, no complaints. “I am currently in a quarantine tank and you are going to be good again”, he will report to Fox Sports Brasil. Earlier this week, grumbled to Jesus, it is absolutely unreasonable to believe that there is, in Brazil, in spite of the outbreak of the virus is to just play football on.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:07Kevin Behind, as an assistant coach at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, is very proud of the way the fans show their appreciation shown by the staff of the hospital that is a stone’s throw away from the stadium will be located.

    As with many of the clubs, so can the guys on the TGV, not to be left behind. Great for them and for the fans that they support the content. They do not stand behind their players at the club, but also for the members of the society, 🙏 💛 💚

    AvatarAuteurKevin HoflandMoment of plaatsen22:39 am – march 16, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 22:41, andStill have infection from Valencia after the CL match in Italy
    Valencia will pay a very high price for the trip to Italy for the Champions League match against Atalanta in Bergamo. The Spanish club, reports that as many as 35 percent of the covered tests for the corona virus positive sites. Yesterday it was reported that of the five cases, and they are, in any case, Ezequiel Garay, Eliaquim Mangala and Jose Gaya. Or is it also a goalkeeper, Jasper Cillessen, to the affected individuals is not clear. Valencia has lost the game in Milan, it was finished with a 4-1, and was sustained in the performance of the eighth-finals are not to be reset.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:40Toussaint, after raising teamisolatie: ‘it is A rollercoaster’
    The Dutch swim team are experiencing the effects of the corona virus. The team left on Saturday for an ex-convent in the town of Drachten in the proximity of swimming in The wave building workout is completely sealed off from the outside world. Not even 24 hours later, however, the decision to have all of the sports to a close. “That’s the news hit in the face,” says Kira Toussaint at “On Friday, we were told of the plan, and on Saturday, we went to Drachten (netherlands), and since Sunday we are back at home. It’s been a rollercoaster. It’s too bad that we will not be able to swim in it, but it is, of course, is nothing compared to what’s going on in the rest of the world is now a”feline corona virus · yesterday at 21:20 and‘Crisis may be over for the continue to Play
    As the european football CHAMPIONSHIP is already on the rocks, there is even more doubt as to whether the Olympic Games this year, but to be able to go. “My gut says that if we are at the end of may, even in the midst of a crisis sit down, have it to me it would seem impossible that the Olympic Games will as planned take place,” said Denis Masseglia, although for many years the president of the French olympic committee, at a press agency, Reuters. “If the peak is behind us, and the situation is improving, we still have to figure out who is on the qualifying requirements, has to comply with, but it doesn’t have a solution for this problem.” The international olympic committee will be on Wednesday in a conference call with the unions on the current situation.Corona virus · yesterday at 20:52’s need to return to a cancelled event to the vast list of will be added to it. Also, the World Cup in artistic gymnastics in the first half and at the end of this month, and not by the.

    Also, the World Cup in artistic gymnastics in Birmingham has now been cancelled due to the corona virus. What is Vera van Pol will represent the Netherlands at this, I’ll be competing for the World Cup. #TeamNL #gymnastics

    AvatarAuteurDutch GymnasticsMoment of plaatsen19:06 am – 16 march, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 20:49Lewis, Hamilton stressed how important it is to have to wash your hands, and give right and set a good example.Video

    Feline corona virus can make people nervous, but I want to reassure you all is to stay calm. Don’t forget that handwashing is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself and others. For official NHS advice, visit: #corona virus #COVID19 @NHSuk

    AvatarAuteurLewis HamiltonMoment of plaatsen20:12 – 16 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 19:50 of theNext round of Premier League of darts moves
    It was almost inevitable: on the seventh matchday of the Premier League darts is coming on Thursday not on. Dartsbond the PDC, the parties shall, in Newcastle, was moved to the 1st of October. “This is a decision that we have taken the opinion of the government, it is not necessary, the social contact, and to limit, in a statement. Before it went, there is already a line in the double-round rock, on the 9th and 10th of september.Back to top

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