The best of the Best Kept Secret in ten stages

Between the foodtrucks, the paddle and the enjoy the fantastic scenery was an amazing range of fantastic bands. An overview of the ten acts that make us the most were.

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Arcade Fire

Grandiose and endlessly exciting: Arcade Fire showed on the main stage of the Best Kept Secret how far their ambition and talent to reach for it. Between a seething “Wake Up” and a touching “Intervention” was an hour and three quarters of the best rock of the past decade made. Also great: the new songs – think disco and futuristic synths – it is important to build on the danceable sound of “Reflector” and “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” and were heard that the Arcade Fire also on their imminent fifth album in bloedvorm.


What we have enjoyed from the powerful voice, good songs, and the disarming, unassuming cheerfulness of Aurora, who, with her elektropop beckons to Robyn, but it is just better to sing. In fact, that they had to occur in her nachtkledij – lost luggage, we learned, could not prevent that after each number a open cloth got a full TWO, who was a witness to the birth of a new popprinses.


For Soulwax, in taipei, taiwan on the Best Kept Secret, were David and Stephen Dewaele heating up with an impromptu DJ set on the smallest stage of the festival. As of old, drew the brothers to their eclectic bag of tricks open to an hour long, the dansbenen in all directions, to send, of Touareg-woestijnblues to knetternede dancepunk and sultry soul. “Pump Up The Jam” and Tame Impala’s “Let It Happen” in a set one-hit wonder “Safety Dance” from Men Without Hats? For that you need a Dewaele.

Floating Points

Also known as the favorietje DJ Jamie xx is in itself reason enough to go and have a look. Floating Points went like a thief in the night geluidskastelen of throbbing, organic electronics. Now once subtle and refined, then again steady, but at any time addictive. As if Caribou and John Talabot is the perfect lovechild birthed.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Scorching psychrock on a bed of two drummers: it’s a combination that quickly can go wrong. But King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – that band name, though – impressed with a perfect mix of tightness and party music. Looking for someone to have a skewed balorkestje for his underground rockfuif?


There was in the Beekse Bergen is really no size on Tim Vanhamel and co. If maniakele madmen raged through their set with ferocious versions of “Busy Man”, “Visa Running”, and “I’m Not Who You Think You Are”, which effortlessly their male stood next to the golden pearls “Street Life Cherry”, “Champagne”, and “I’m on a high”. Millionaire did Millionaire if no other can: – blows to hand out, time and time again. What a break of 12 years with a man can do.


If the feisty female acts this year we saw, Herman Schueremans within a year or five dreams of genderpariteit on the poster of his garden party. In addition, the Aurora took out Mitski our top-ten. The Japanese-American kept it simple with just two musicians behind her, and let her unique, haunting voice play a leading role. And then she had her guitar gird to be found, only the last two songs to play, including the fantastic short indiebanger “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars”. In our heads roar we still Kill me in Jerusalem!’


What we here write, the chance is 1 in 2 that you disagree with. But be honest, who Thom Yorke and co in the house, know in advance that everything can. And so also a whacked alternative set, without the “Karma Police”, “Lucky”, “High And Dry”, “2+2= 5”, but with “Paranoid Android”, “Idioteque” and “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”, in addition to the best from the latest album “A Moon Shaped Pool”.

That Radiohead, with so many classics behind the hand, a half-hour early, stopped, was no fun, believe us. But it must also be said that the biggest alternative rock band in the world in two hours more moods, genres, surprises and magical moments exhibit spread than most bands in three hours or more. A memorable evening, but for foodies.

Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels came out to the strains of “We Are The Champions” and declaiming prompt “we gonna fuck shit up”. No word of a lie. Screeching beats, humming drumcomputers and raging rap: nobody does it anno 2017 as impressive as Killer Mike and El P. Run The Jewels placed as the first headliner of Best Kept Secret set the bar immediately high.


Stuff. has a thing with playing after not to exceed sets at the Best Kept Secret. Two years ago, had the Belgian pride is a party in gang stabbing after the magic set of Alt-J, now if the quintet, the last scraps dansbenen to scrape together that we’re not yet to the Arcade Fire had given. But, see, the tent roiled and bruisde again, and new songs like “layers” were from the first notes received with applause. Also, after two years of hype and gigs at almost all the major festivals, we will continue to wait for the first bad set of. Stuff.

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