The Berlinale begins, the dogs from Wes Anderson and 6 other films to look forward to

For nine days, Berlin is again the filmhoofdstad of the world. A couple of movies you should definitely extra in keep an eye on.

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Isle of Dogs (Wes Anderson)

After Fantastic Mr. Fox, the director of The Grand Budapest Hotel beestige animated film ready. This time, no adventures on the farm, but on an island full of waste, where all the dogs of Japan go banned. On the list of voice actors are as good as the only A-list crowd. Among others, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum and Scarlett Johansson were able to get their inner Samson pulling, together with the strange puppy in the bite Yoko Ono.

Don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot (Gus Van Sant)

The career of Gus Van Sant meanders all years between experimental (Gerry) and accessible (Last Days, about the last days of Kurt Cobain), with the occasional oldschool Oscarkandidaat, as Good Will Hunting or Milk. Also his latest film, the true story of a rolstoelpatiënt that his zest for life found by dark cartoons to draw, we’ll see be nominated for a few iconic golden males. Joaquin Phoenix plays the lead role and gets the company of Rooney Mara and Jack Black.

Eva (Benoît Jacquot)

Benoît Jacquot is a director of women and books. For the Eve bite, he again stuck in a novel, now one of James Hadley Chase, about a playwright with a mysterious clean in a chalet trapped. Isabelle Huppert, Jacquots fetisjactrice with whom he previously all five films made, got this time the title role.

Unsane (Steven Soderbergh)

Barely a year after Steven Soderbergh with the colorful overvallersfilm Logan Lucky his plans to the trash referred to, is he aiming for new work in the halls. In Unsane plays Claire Foy is a woman who is wondering whether her stalker is real, or that they made up. To the person who has ever invented that you need to have a camera to make a hollywood movie: Soderbergh shot the entire film with iPhones.

Season of the Devil (Lav Diaz)

A film night is for fans of Lav Diaz, more difficult to schedule than for other film lovers. The big man from the Philippines slow cinema makes films between the three and a half hours Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery until more than eight hours The Woman Who Left. His new, Season, or the Devil, stood on a small four hours and is billed as a musical against musicals. A kijktip for Jan Schepens, we think so.

Damsel (The Zellner Brothers)

In the new picture of the brothers behind Kid-Thing, and Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter plays Robert Pattinson is a man that the wild west crossed with the love of his life, get married, have a role to Mia Wasikowska. His company? A zatlap and a minipaard. We don’t have to tell you that the life of the loser, a popular Zellnerthema.

The Happy Prince (Rupert Everett)

Rupert Everett is British, gay and straightforward as Oscar Wilde and so it was written in the stars that he is ever in the skin of the überdandy would crawl. More even, for The Happy Prince, about the final years of the Wild he wrote the script and he got into the director’s chair. The result is a classic biopic, by the first reviews summarized as ‘cold and warm at the same time’.

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