The belgian police found the twelve living of migrants in the koeltruck

The Belgian police on Wednesday and twelve migrants have been found in a koeltruck, in the province of Antwerp, belgium. The migrants were found alive in the walk-in refrigerator by the driver, and the Belgian authorities, alarmed.

It comes to twelve adult men, eleven from Syria and one is of Sudanese descent. The driver, who is fresh fruits and vegetables in the koeltruck being transported, the men were in the cold of the cargo hold after it sat night as a stop over was made.

The found the men to be healthy, and he was transferred to the immigration office of the city of Antwerp, belgium.

The Belgian police have launched an investigation into the exact route of the truck, which is how the migrants were in the truck, you may have ended up and whether or not they are on the way to the United Kingdom.

39 people have died in a koeltruck

Last week, in the same kind of koeltruck in the United Kingdom, with 39 deaths found. The truck came from the Belgian Zeebrugge to the United Kingdom, where the victims are most likely due to a gang of human traffickers in the koeltruck are up to no good.

Immigrants are more often opting for a temperature-controlled trucks to the border at that time. Due to the construction of a temperature-controlled trucks, it is more difficult for the dogs, and warmtescanners to any passenger in the future.


British police are investigating a vehicle, where 39 bodies lying in

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