‘The battle between television and streaming services affects movies’

The producentenechtpaar Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes offers the legendary films, including Men in Black. 22 years after the first time it appears in the fourth section. “The quality of the script, which is still the guiding principle,” says the Parks at

Twister, Amistad, The Mask of Zorro, Deep Impact, Gladiator, The Ring, Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report; the following are some examples of the large number of successful and much-discussed films, in which MacDonald (65), and Parkes (68), when producers have a part of this.

But the couple is also responsible for the film adaptation of the stripboekenreeks It is in Black and white, with the actors Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in the 1997 film theatres and television. In 2002 and in 2012, it was the second, and a third portion, with the two American characters in the movie.

This week it appears to be a fourth installment, Men in Black: the International. This time it’s Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson in the lead roles. The story is in all four of the films show strong similarities. Aliens seek refuge on earth, the ‘Men in Black’ helped to feel at peace among the people in the corner. In addition, it shows that the ‘MIB’ to ensure that unwanted or inappropriate the aliens directly from the pack and blow it up.

A fourth One is in Black and white, 22 years after the first. It has Hollywood, the expense of the poverty of ideas, or is it the Men in Black franchise is just as strong?

MacDonald: “There are still good stories, but they are hard to come by. This mainly has to do with the battle that is being waged between the broadcasters and streaming services. Major film studios have a lot fewer stories to offer. That’s painful to look at, because we have been a major motion picture led other studios that have worked, and know how hard it is to get the stories into the world.”

Parkes: “If any one of us, twenty years ago, they would have been told that there will be a fourth MIB movie should appear to be in 2019, we would have had him declared insane. I just love the world around You in Black. ‘ve always done it. It is one of the reasons why we have those books at such a great price. The idea is that the secret service is there to protect us, and keep an eye on what the aliens seeking refuge on our planet, and the search is on as well. It also seems to be a little bit like the movie Casablanca. In addition, I like the style, the suits and the sunglasses, so cool. The first one was iconic, and it will be hard to beat. But as long as there are people, that these movies are fun, as long as we experience the joy of making it.”

Digital animation and special effects, a good script or a bad script even a good make?

MacDonald: “no, No, she’s definitely not a bad script, make it up. What we do is always fun, have been found in the MIB franchise is that the movies are always in the real world you play as the aliens with the help of digital animation, and were created.”

Parkes: “I have to admit that writing a good movie script, is not as essential as a few years ago. A big part of the fun of the audience while they watch a movie, experience it, today’s the day, I have never given out by the special effects.”

MacDonald: “But if you make a film, to obtain the quality of the script and the story is still progressing. Even if you don’t know exactly how the characters will look like.”

Parkes: “You have to be attracted to the story. But if you look at the popular movies of the moment. That is driving mostly on the special effects, and, in most cases, all that they can be a part of a series. Really, Hollywood has an enormous appetite for the so-called franchisefilms. But, ultimately, each film is an idea that is developed into a script. The script is good enough to have great actors to pull of a huge gamble to go for it. Because of that, it is in the movies it is. And you can only enter a rate or the amount of effort you have into one particular movie have to be stopped, it really was worth it.”

Why is everyone at this moment is a great way to biopics like Bohemian Rhapsody, and a Rocketman?

MacDonald: Sometimes it seems as if a certain movie is popular it is due to a spontaneous desire of the general public, but most of my movies take a long time to actually to be realized. Bohemian Rhapsody was, for example, of a twelve-year period, in the development phase. Biopics in addition, for a very long time to be popular. However, the success of which they are composed, between Mamma Mia! on the one side, and Bohemian Rhapsody, on the other hand, to prove that, in particular, this genre of not-so-hard-hits have been due to the war between streaming and cable. The shared experience of watching this kind of movies in the cinema, it is an essential part of a successful business. If you have a musicalachtige a film in the cinema and look at it, it feels at times as though you are the only one concert to attend. The Horror of the same kind of sentiment to use. If you’re in a horror movie in the cinema watching it and you’re scared, that emotion is amplified because of all the other people in the theater, which at that time, a shock for us.”

Men in Black: the International is the 19th of June, the cinemas to see it.

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