The authorities are on the lookout for sniper fire, which injured the Los Angeles area, a deputy shot out of the sheriff station

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A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was gunned down outside of a sheriff’s department station on Wednesday by someone in a nearby apartment building, the people who are being treated for mental illness, authorities said.

The authorities were on the hunt for a possible suspect hours after a Deputy Angel Reinosa, 21, an intern who has been with the department for about a year, and was wounded in the shoulder.

Mayor R. Rex Parris said the deputy was wearing a ballistic vest, which deflected the bullet into his shoulder.

As he was walking to his car outside the Lancaster drive just before 3 a.m. when he was struck by the gunfire, sheriff, Jim, Todd Weber, said. Deputies moved him away to get medical attention.

Reinosa, was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening wound.

Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, said the deputy’s vest can be saved by deflecting the oncoming slug in the shoulder.

The investigators believe that the shots came from the Mental Health America, a four-storey building, which provides mental health services, and housing in the vicinity of the sheriff’s station.

Parris’s concern over having a mentally ill population, being so close to the sheriff’s station.

“It is madness to have such a facility in that particular location,” he said. “He has decided to create a four-storey building, which looks like a parking lot of a certain type – it’s a mystery to me” Parris said.

Heavily-armed deputies wearing tactical gear, and the set-up of a border and a massive search for a suspect in the triple-digit temperatures.

It is not clear whether the shooter was, what kind of weapon was used. Harris could not say how many rounds were fired or the deputies fired back.


The incident came days after a California Highway Patrol officer was gunned down in a shoot-out in the River, a town 60 miles east of Los Angeles, california.

Officer Mark Moye, Jr., 34, the filling out of the paperwork to impound a vehicle when Aaron, Luther, martin, 49, is said to have shot him with a gun. Luther, martin, died in a gun battle with the police.

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