The armed Americans, protesting peacefully against the stringent wapenwetten

In the state of Virginia, more than 22,000 people who demonstrated against the tougher wapenwetten. A large proportion of them were armed, and the authorities were prepared for an escalation, but it’s protest was peaceful.

The proponents of gun control from all over the country to the Capitoolgebouw in Richmond, va, to protest against the new, more stringent wapenwetten in Virginia. On the point made by the newly-elected Democratic state parliament. According to the protesters, they have the constitutional right taken from you in order to possess arms.

Fears that neo-nazis and other extremists, the proof would have to use force to stimulate, as in 2017 it happened in Charlottesville. Then, it was a 32-year-old tegendemonstrant also killed in a protest of the white nationalists (white nationalists).

The FBI picked up earlier this week, three alleged neo-nazis on it. According to the department, they were going to be in the opposition in Virginia was a “rassenoorlog” to begin with.

Around the state Capitol in Richmond, va, was the governor to keep and bear arms for security reasons, is prohibited. It was, however, a large proportion of the protesters are outside, armed and collected.

The protest was, ultimately, without a major incident. According to local police, no arrests have been made.

Members of an American army marching through the streets of Richmond, va. (Picture: Reuters).

Wapenwetten met with resistance from the local authorities

The legislative proposals of their parliament, created quite a stir in Virginia, and the rest of the United States of america.

In response to the announcement, saying nearly all of the local authorities, of the 95 counties in Virginia, and that they do not comply with the law they will keep. Surely in 200 districts in the rest of the US, signed up to this.

They called it the “safe havens” for the right to keep and bear arms: a reference to the so-called safe havens for undocumented immigrants from other parts of the United States of america. Just like gun control paper, the discussion on immigration in the US, along party lines occasionally.

With the new law, background checks are entered

According to the new draft legislation is to be of heavier weapons in Virginia is prohibited and there will be universal background checks for purchasers of guns.

There will also be a so-called ‘ red flag law, which allows family members or the police force, the court may request the arms of a person to temporarily act as if the person is a danger to himself or herself, or others, are formed.

According to the protesters, they have the right to keep and bear arms taken away from her. Supporters argue that the stricter wapenwetten in the US are required to, inter alia, the increasing amount of mass shootings in the two. Thus, the land in 2019, 417 massaschietpartijen, more than the number of days in a year.

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