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The Wi-Fi Mooches, Not More

Q: are My neighbors using my Wi-Fi internet access included,, I just know it! How can I prove that they’re hopping online, for free, on my dime?

A: This is a pet peeve of mine, as well for the mooches who want to be free on the internet as well as to the owners of the routers, which are necessary, in addition to their safety and security. There are just a few of the reasons why your neighbour may be able to access your Wi-Fi internet access included: (1) you do not have password protection, and (2) you gave out your password, or (3) was able to break into your network. Fortunately, there is software that can be used for the detection of any unauthorized uses of your signal, and it is available for both iOS and Windows. Tap or click here to find out who is stealing your internet connection.

The Apple Credit Card Traps

Q: I heard Apple is coming out with a credit card. What are the pitfalls? I love Apple, but do not rely on the great tech-I have my purse.

A: You are wise to be skeptical, and you should not plunge into a new credit card without any due diligence. Apple’s map function is much different than a regular credit card, for example, a physical card does not have any printed numbers. Not surprisingly, it is best to work with Apple Pay Apple Wallet, and other Apple products. You can use this card in general, but you will need to adapt to its quirks. The APR isn’t terrible, especially if you have strong credit, and there are a few of the benefits that you might not expect. Just like the iPod device, this kind of as the card of the future credit transactions, and Apple is wise to work with a financial leviathan, Goldman Sachs, to the new technology, it is possible to. However, there are a number of comments. Tap or click here to learn more about the Apple credit card.

Please drop Me a Line

Q: My sister is big on social media. I can see that you will interview technology movers and shakers in the TV show. How do I get her as a guest?

A: well, As I’ve learned over the course of my long and varied career, there’s no harm in asking. And you can ask me anything! I do have a contact page on my website for this very reason, and I can assure you, each and every submission will be read. We are always looking forward to new stories to cover on my site, and it shows, and it is quite possible that your sister might pique our interest. No promises, of course. There are a lot of fascinating people out there, and we are only able to produce so many shows. However, I would strongly urge you (or them) to drop me a line if you want it to be. Then, click here to get in touch with me.

The Best Free E-Mail Program

Q: I would like to have an e-mail client (preferably free) to collect your work, Google + and other places. Right now, I have to check mail on all of the different sites, and I will go crazy.

A: From the time the Firefox browser became available to the masses, Mozilla has been winning millions of fans around the world. “The community is proud of its open-source programs, and Firefox, and is versatile enough to fit in almost any desktop environment. So it should come as little surprise, then, that Mozilla’s developers have found an equally accessible by e-mail: Mozilla Thunderbird. The software is free, and easy-to-use, of course, but a number of innovations that may strike your fancy, such as pretty much instantly to save the data. Linux fans will especially appreciate how the universal Thunderbird, as it can be, including the keywords associated with your e-mail, or other services. Tap or click here for the best free email program for Windows, pc, Mac, and Linux.

An Alternative Operating System

Q: You have said that there is an operating system is more secure than Windows. Where can I get it? How does it work? Please, Help me, oh great, Kim Komando!

A: If you’re on Windows, you may want to consider Zorin OS. This is a new operating system that has gained a lot of positive attention for its security, ease-of-use, and similarity to the Windows, which makes the transition smooth. There are a number of problems with Zorin: there is no “right-click” option, the software may very well crash your computer, and if you’re not careful. But Zorin is so closely mimics the Windows layout and the workflow of someone who may not immediately recognize that it is something else. Your concern about security is valid, and Zorin is a good replacement, you might want to consider. Tap or click here for a mac OS alternative to Windows and Apple.

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