The appeals commission BOARD approves acquisition of FC Den Bosch, finally

The appeals committee of the Dutch fa (KNVB), the takeover of the football club ‘ s-hertogenbosch by the Georgian Kakhi Jordania Thursday’s final, will be rejected. Financial concerns remain high for the Cuisine Champion of a Division club.

FC Den Bosch was made in the appeal after man of the BOARD being taken over by the son of a former Vitesse owner, Merab Jordania, in march, after a long discussion, it had been blocked.

According to the appeals committee, and is the source of the funding is unclear, so that the integrity is compromised. FC Den Bosch and may not be appealed. Jordania can be in a personal capacity, even though the burgerrechter steps.

“The relief is palpable that it will finally be clear, but, to the disappointment of the decision is paramount. The process is stopped in the last few months, everyone is being held hostage,” says Jan-Hein Schouten, the chairman of the board of directors of the football club ‘ s-hertogenbosch.

“Because of the lack of a decision on the sales process and the period that followed, study after study, the club and the supporters in the vacuum system. It has been a very difficult period of time.”

Kakhi Jordania. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

FC Den Bosch will be delayed for the budget

Now, with the take-over by Jordania on the job, it must be, FC Den Bosch, pull out all the stops to make the budget for the new season and need your help! “The consequences of a wide range of areas is important. The clubleiding to think about alternative solutions,” said Schouten.

“With today’s science, we will focus on the short-term economy. We’ll have the man up to the 26th of August a respite to the budget for the year 2019/2020 is still difficult to get to.”

Almost a year ago, FC Den Bosch is well-known that the club is in the hands of the 24-year-old Jordania. The Georgian bought a 99.9 per cent of the shares, and that the people from the netherlands out of the economic would be the case.

In the summer of 2018, however, it is true that the licensing committee of the BOARD should allow it, if a person is more than 25 per cent of the shares wants to buy it. The approval was left after a long discussion, so get out.

FC Den Bosch had a very strong first part of last season. The club’s performances after the winter break, less and less, and in the play-offs for promotion to the Premier league was to Go Ahead Eagles too strong.

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