The App looks to have great tips to get the coffee drinkers to Colombia, growers have

BOGOTA, colombia (Ap) – An app that sends money in the form of hints and tips from the appreciative caffeine, to the devotees all over the world, to coffee growers in Colombia to help farmers battered by the dismal prices, earn more income, it is the initiative of the founder, said.

FILE PHOTO: A worker picks coffee fruits in a plantation in Pueblorrico, Colombia, March 11, 2019. (REUTERS photo/Luisa Gonzalez/File Photo

A lot of producers in the Andean nation, the world’s biggest producer of washed arabicas, struggling to scratch a living even though from the high-quality of Colombian beans, will remain sought after by coffee drinkers all over the world.

Arabica coffee futures fell in May to its lowest level in more than 13 years of age, and only 87.60 cents per pound, for the repair of a little, to about 96 cents per pound. For the low price of a number of farmers looking for alternative crops.

It is, as a result, even in Colombia, the growers ‘ federation is floating the idea of untethering the production of international prizes, including the New York city market.

However, a former US hedge fund manager that was inspired by a period of time to work on a Colombian coffee farm, the place of the not-for-profit effort to help growers, it is the hope of his, the tips of platform can help to reduce farmers ‘ burdens, and to get consumers to invest in the future of the plant.

The ‘propina’ platform, which is in the start-up of the world on Friday, is made out of two different kinds of applications. One will be displayed on the ipad at coffee shops and other locations, and the money from the workers to the farms, the locations of the source of.

The second app, which is available on smartphones, will make them directly to the tip of their favorite cafe’s, the supplier, or to contribute to the general fund.

The contributions will be managed by Columbia ‘ s retirement, the administrator will have to ensure that farmers and workers earn more, even if the major purchasers fail to pay the higher premiums, said the platform’s founder, in Front of the People.”

“Now that the system is completely skewed in the favor of the coffee, and Illy, and is the major roasters,” explains Hawkins. “This is probably the perfect place for them to do so, and yet they have the least to say that they care about the farmers.”

Nespresso did not respond to a request for comment. However, it has recently launched its very own charitable efforts, it says, will help farmers to swap to the coca, the base ingredient in cocaine in a cup of coffee.

Illycaffe, said in a statement to Reuters, the guarantees of the manufacturers who meet the quality standards of a premium over the cost of production. “The producers are the most vital, and endemically, the very least, be reasonably compensated, the actors in the coffee supply chain,” he said.

The app will also allow users to set up recurring donations, and updates directly from the farmers. He hopes to continue to expand into a variety of restaurants and co-working spaces, the ranges of between 500 and 1,000 locations across the applications in the first year.

The effort will begin with a dozen or so locations, provided by the Madrid-burners SupraCafe, where the stores, restaurants, and hotels, but He said he is in talks with fast-growing chains in the United States of america.

A lot of farmers are having problems finding people who are willing to do the hard, all-weather work, the hand-picking of the coffee beans on the steep hillsides.

It’s a pension that can help growers to attract labour, He said, and it will motivate them to formalize their workforce.

He acknowledges that asking them to tip on top of the price of the latte, and a tip for the barista may be a tough sell, but says that significant resources could be raised, as less than one in ten of its customers to take part in.

The propina ipad, it will be displayed next to a loop of a short documentary film about the price of a crisis, an effort to attract the attention of customers waiting for their orders.

“The debt is often not a very good driver,” He said. “Do you love your specialty coffees but it’s a risk, and it is the farmer who produces it, is at risk. You can do something about it.”

The app is coming soon to provide consumers with the ability to use their bill to the nearest dollar as a tip, He said, and could eventually extend to the provision of micro-credit to farmers.

“There are plenty of specialty coffee shops that are out there in order to grow in a big way.”

Reporting by Julia Symmes Cobb; Editing by Daniel Flynn and Sandra Maler

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