The announcement to Avoid the IV may be a leak in the magazine

A new title in the Diablo series, it is possible for a leak from an ad in a magazine. In the German magazine Gamestar is to be a Battle, IV, and mentioned in the description of a book in the games series. Publisher in addition has already been confirmed that there was a new Diablo game is in progress.

It may be that it was just a typo, but it is also possible that the ad is an indication of an announcement of a new Diablo game. In early november, Blizzard once again for the great conference, Blizzcon, where a lot of new games will be announced by the company

BlizzCon 2019 new new new new new Dead the 4 leaks in the Germany.
If this is true, the information about previously leaked Overwatch and 2 may be correct.

AvatarAuteurOverwatchNaeriMoment of plaatsen20:39 am – October 20, 2019

The game was to be the successor of Diablo III, which was released in the year 2012. The game sold very well, and it was released on pc, PlayStation, Xbox One, and last year, it’s the real Switch. A new game is the obvious choice.

Last year Blizzard announced at Blizzcon announced that there will be a new mobile game from the Dead is in the works. Then gave the developer a lot of criticism. The fans are worried that Blizzard is quick and easy to make a mobile game instead of having to invest in a new computer game. Then let Blizzard know that they are fans of the pc game will not be forgotten.

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