The anger after the shooting, hong kong student: “This means war”

The ongoing unrest in hong Kong has set a new record low was reached. An eighteen-year-old student hit during the protests on Tuesday by a politiekogel for him. It was the first time that an agent is hazardous munitions, addressed a protester’s lap. A day later, there is the school of the young men especially, anger, and sorrow.

The student was in a fight with a police officer, and used a metal pipe. It was at that moment, the shot and had a bullet wound in his chest to go to the hospital. According to the police, was acting as the member’s agent in accordance with the guidelines, and in self-defense.

The condition of the schoolboy, Tony Tsang, is now stable. He was not the only casualty of the violent protests on Tuesday, which is the date on which the zeventigjarig anniversary of the people’s Republic of China was held. More than a hundred persons, including policemen, were injured. There were more than 180 arrests have been made. Also, Tsang has been arrested.

The protesters have been on Wednesday, the streets incorporated, to aid, to pay tribute to Tsang. Upon graduating from high school, is a group of activists, including dozens of primary-school children who have signs with the text “Refresh hong Kong’ and ‘ The revolution of our time,” will make.

The protesters have on several occasions gathered together for their support of Tsang, to express. (Photo: Reuters)

Lack of understanding about the use of a firearm

“I don’t know why they are in such a way as to have to deal with a vijfdeklasser” said a seventeen-year-old student at Reuters news agency. “Why do you have to shoot it? It was a real gun.” Until Tuesday, the only non-lethal means against demonstrators, including tear gas and rubber bullets.

A seventeen-year-old boy who was a Year is said to be named, said Tsang will always be a role model for the younger students. “The protests, which began earlier this year, they gave him a new sense of purpose in life. He said that he would rather die than being arrested.”

Tsang, who is in school for a variety of events held by the school is described as an intelligent young man. That’s right, he’s been shot, they see it as a reason to continue with the talks.

One student said the agency is disappointed in the police, and called on the government to accept the demands of the demonstrators, including an independent inquiry into police brutality. “If you have our vote, and now hear to ensure we get the government that we have, all the cruelty will be avenged. This means war.”

Former board member is calling for the suspension Tsang

The former director Leung Chun-ying’s predecessor, Carrie Lam, has, to the great dissatisfaction of the students with a letter to the school. Therein, he requires the suspension of Tsang, and the resignation of the executive director.

A group of young people, consisting of (graduate) students, the director of the spoken. The driver would have committed Tsang, not to be suspended, but refused to take a stand on the police brutality. The school itself, there will be no public statements have been made about this situation.

“We don’t have a good response from them,” says Alan, who was one of the students, the school board has spoken. “They’re trying to say is that it is not relevant with respect to our question:” Violence is not a good sign. China is our mother, even if she did have it done.'”

Schoolmates of the shot, Tsang action. (Photo: Reuters)

Most teens will agree to take part in protests’

The protesters, who at the beginning of June, started because of a now-repealed uitleveringswetsvoorstel, do a lot of young Hongkongers with it. According to two ex-students, who are actively involved in the protests, it is particularly important to them. Some of them only twelve years of age.

As a thirty year resident, says that her heart is broken because of all the violence. “The children are expressing themselves, just their requirements,” said the woman, who is a mother herself. “Even if they are a stick pack, they will try to protect themselves. They want to be, no one is hurt.”

The seventeen-year-old mr. Cheung, a fellow student of Tsang, said that the protesters have not been discouraged by the situation. “Our generation is fighting for the future of the next generation, and so we are forced to give our lives to risk for the City.”


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