THE and FIFPro argue for the tienminutenregel with head injury

The Dutch fa (KNVB) and the international spelersvakbond FIFPro would like a tienminutenregel apply to the game of football. By that measure, get to the doctors if there is any suspicion of a concussion plenty of time to do the necessary tests to carry out.

During those ten minutes, and a player to be temporarily replaced. If there is in fact a concussion, and then the change is permanently made. Otherwise, the player has ten minutes to get back on the field.

The FIFPro wants to make the implementation of the tienminutenregel on Tuesday to propose to the IFAB, the spelregelcommissie on the SIDE. “I will fly tomorrow morning to Zurich, this is a measure to plead for,” says Vincent Gouttebarge, who is the Chief Medical Officer, has been with the FIFPro players, and a lecturer at the Amsterdam UNIVERSITY medical center, by The new means of communication.

“Doctors have a battery of tests is needed in order to assess whether or not a player has a concussion, has”, said Gouttebarge, who, in the past, if a player was active for FC Volendam and FC Omniworld. “However, in the present drieminutenregel, there is not enough time for the doctor to put that to test in the field to work with.”

Vincent Gouttebarge, in the past, asset for the FC Omniworld. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

In rugby, it is tienminutenregel has been

Rugby is used as a tienminutenregel. In these sports is the game that will be temporarily frozen, if a player has a head injury and a momentary switch can be used.

“In other sports, such as rugby, it is all handled with the utmost care hersenschuddingen, but the football is running this behind,” said Gouttebarge. “It would be good for the health of football players as a football, this life. We are here since 2013.”

The BOARD welcomed the new rule. “The introduction of the tienminutenregel, it would be very good. But not as a replacement for the current drieminutenregel, but in addition to the existing line,” according to consult a specialised Edwin Goedhart. “There are a number of other situations in which you do it within three minutes, you can decide what is best for you as a player.”

Edwin Goedhart has been one of the proponents of the establishment of a tienminutenregel. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Old pros will have to have 3.5 times the risk of dementia

It is suitable for tienminutenregel a day after the publication of a study by the Glasgow University. This demonstrates that professional footballers in 3.5 times more likely to later brain diseases like alzheimer’s and parkinson’s, to get. It is still under investigation whether this is due to the heads it comes.

The survey also found that old pros will have, on average, live longer. The researchers, from Glasgow University, as compared to the study of the brain, and 7.676 death of ex-professional footballers with 23,000 other people.

The Link between headers and brain damage has not yet been demonstrated

Goedhart noted, however, that the science is still not able to hardmaken that the brain damage caused by head. “It is not yet scientifically proven. It would be possible, but it could just as easily not have been.”

“On the basis of this study, it may not lead to the conclusion that it is the heads that is the cause of the increased risk of alzheimer’s disease, in the case of ex-professional footballers,” says Goedhart. “There has been absolutely no research has been done into the possible reasons for this. It will also make it possible for people to age in the fifties, sixties, and seventies of the last century, as a football player, have been active.”

This does not mean that the Dutch fa (KNVB) and the FIFPro players to be very careful with the hersenschuddingen in the field. Earlier this year, the spelersvakbond a campaign for the players to understand what needs to be done if there is any suspicion of a concussion.

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