The american vice president, Pence refuses to accept the summons of the Congress

Mike Pence, the united states vice-president, refuses to provide documents to the House of Representatives have to be handed in with respect to the afzettingsonderzoek to the president, Donald Trump. This is in spite of a summons to appear against him.

The adviser Pence Tuesday night is known. Pence believes that the study is in doubt or the Democratic party to a fair trial, like.

Earlier, on Tuesday, refused to Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York city, and the personal lawyer of the Home, to get documents about its activities in Ukraine. This was in spite of a summons to appear against him. “As a force, we will be able to see what is going to happen next,” said Giuliani, in an interview with ABC News about the lawsuit.

The three Democrat-led committees in the House and would like clarity on the schaduwbeleid to the Foreign office, that the Giuliani, according to various witnesses have been conducted. It was to be a campaign directed at Ukraine is to join the legal studies of Trumps political rivals, including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The U.s. Congress has three options for refusing to testify to the cooperation of the trials. The question for the court is to be declared; and that it can last for years. Also, it may be the case is to be considered by the ministry of Justice. Under prime minister William Barr, of a He-tank, it is not likely that anything will be done about it.

The third option would be to levy a fine or even the arrest of the weigeraars. The Congress is authorized to do so, but that power has not been used since the mid-thirties.

More information about schaduwbeleid

Two members of the Giuliani-the Ukrainian businessmen, had previously, in October, was arrested when she was at the point were the US to leave. They are accused of violations of the laws governing campaign funding. In addition, it is well-known that they are Giuliani with one of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office is in contact with the brought then it Trumps the lawyer attempted to resolve the Ukrainian authorities Biden and his son Hunter, to investigate.

The former Us national security adviser, John Bolton, would be so alarmed about efforts by the White House and to Ukraine, in that he is a lawyer, turned it on, it turned out on Monday, and have the testimony of one of the Boltons of employees, reported in the American media.

The New York Times, Politico, and NBC News, relying on sources who are aware of what Fiona Hill and, behind closed doors, told members of the House of Representatives, under Democratic leadership, to examine whether there is an impeachment procedure against president, He will need to be restarted.

“I’m not in that drugdeal’

According to the Hill, and had national security advisor Bolton on the 10th of July, a heated debate, with Gordon Sondland, who are major gifts made to the Home, and as thanks for doing so has been appointed as the Us ambassador to the European Union.

Sondland has worked with Giuliani in the latter’s project in Ukraine. Also, Mick Mulvaney, deputy chief of staff for the White House was involved.

Bolton would be out order for the issue to be submitted to the hoofdjurist of the National Security council. “I’m not aware of that “drugdeal” that Sondland and Mulvaney are preparing”, it would be Bolton at Hill, said.

Some sources are saying that the Bolton’s, according to Hill, about Giuliani, and Mulvaney had it, but the majority of those present, who afterwards, by the media, spoke to state that the citation is correct.

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‘Giuliani’s a hand grenade’

In the exchange, with the Hill on Sondland was not the first time that Bolton showed itself concerned about the activities of Giuliani in the Ukraine. “Giuliani was a hand grenade that will blow up,” he on another occasion, against her will would have said.

Hill explained in her testimony, a picture of a large division on the investigation of Giuliani and his allies. That is carried out in the shadow, in fact, their own foreign policy agenda, ” she said, as other White House staff members saw it happen, but there was nothing they could do.

According to the ex-members of the Security council, presented them to the ambassador Sondland and his meddling in Ukraine, which is not the portfolio belongs to. He should have told the president He to him, ‘the pipe,’ about the Ukraine was given to it.

Last week, it told of Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.s. ambassador to the Ukraine, from its position, released after idle, and is not accurate claims made by people with obviously questionable motives”.


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