The american press is all over: Rutger Hauer: ‘Starred Harrison Ford as the canvas

From his first appearance in the Firmware to one of his later roles, The Heineken Kidnapping: Rutger Hauer, it was carried on hands by the Dutch. But the American press was regularly full of praise about the film on Friday at the age of 75, died. A summary of the product over the years.
The New York Times, in 1979, about a Soldier-of-Orange –

In the fact-based ” Soldier of Orange, directed by Paul Verhoeven, playing, Her, the resistance fighter Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema. The war drama was also nominated for a Golden Globe award.

The New York Times: “Soldier of Orange” is perhaps not great art, but it’s still a great story to tell. The combination of the Verhoevens a nice, old-fashioned way of telling a story, and the surprisingly weak performance from Her makes for a fast pace.”

“Even though the scenario is any chance to see a matinee-idol-to-be, showing Her lack of interest in themselves, are adorable, and that is, in itself, is intriguing. His Erik is a vain, arrogant, and devious aristocrat, which is capable of bravery when it is requested, but not eager to put his neck at risk. With a classy and complex man.”

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The People in the 1981 Nighthawks

The thriller Nighthawks and made Her debut in the United States of america. He will be playing an international terrorist, where the opponent of Sylvester Stallone as an agent on the hunt for.

People: “Before Rutger Hauer was there, there was a Dutch import, mostly from the bulbs and the beer is never kaskrakerhunks. Even though he’s been close to a decade, the Robert Redford of the little Dutch film industry, it breaks down the exoticism of northern Her is now exploding due to the levee of the American suspense thriller Nighthawks.”

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Tears in the rain: Memorable scenes of Rutger Hauer

The New York Times in 1981 Nighthawks

“In particular, Hauers no-it is a sharply written character, which is a driving force in the movie. Concise and bloedeloosheid are his only two distinct terms, and he is constantly remembered. “You are going to have a better life,” he says, repeatedly, against his victims. (…) Her, it is as smooth as the devil, Stallone is so rough and angry, and that their antagonism is physically working.”

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The New York Times in 1982 on Blade Runner

It’s a futuristic, Blade Runner is a special runner, played by Harrison Ford, who has been mandated to be the most human of robots to track down and turn it off. Hauer plays one of the replicants’.

“Ford is a somewhat colorless hero, he disappears too easily into the bleak background. It’s often the cloth is played by Rutger Hauer in the movie, and Nighthawks seem to specialize in evil roles. Her, it is a bit cold, but there is something almost humorous in its so-called community leaders. Whatever the case may be, and he is by far the most abundant, the actor, in a film that is aware of it is occupied by the machines.”

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The Los Angeles Times in 2013, Il Futuro

In the film, Il Futuro, the two Chilean teenagers are recruited to a fortune from an old man to steal it. Her to see if old Mr. The Universe, Manuela Martelli plays the young and professional that needs to have sex.

The Los Angeles Times: “A seductive, opaque, pas de deux is beautiful, thanks to the complex, stoic Martelli and masterfully craggy, haunted Hauer.”

You can read the full review here

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