The american media IS leader Al Baghdadi killed in an attack in Syria

The leader of the terrorist group of IS, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, in an attack in Syria have been killed by U.s. forces, the report several Us media, according to sources within the department of Defense (dod). Is expected to be the Us president, Donald Trump, on Sunday at 14: 00 (local time), with an explanation for it.

The leader would on Saturday have been killed in an attack by the army of the United States of america. A high-ranking source from the Us-army to a reporter for the Us Fox News said, is that of identification, it appears that it was indeed Al Baghdadi goes on.

According to Reuters, would allow the U.s. intelligence services of the USA have informed on the whereabouts of the leader. The intelligence services would support All of Baghdadi’s whereabouts have come in since this document was that the service was to arrest an Iraqi man and woman, who have close contacts with Al Baghdadi.

A militieleider is active in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, said that the targeted attack, along with helicopters, aircraft and in a ground fight in the village, Brisha, near the border with Turkey.

Al Baghdadi arrived in the 48 hours prior to the attack

The news of the attack has not yet been reported to the official authorities, but by an anonymous American, and the Iranian and Iraqi authorities.

A Turkish official said on Sunday that Al-Baghdadi as the 48 hours prior to the attack in the region of Idlib has arrived in Ankara ahead of time, at the height of the American invasion.


Iraq’s state television is showing the possibility of an attack on the IS-leader Al Baghdadi

“There’s just that something really big has happened’

Saturday night (local time), said that He is on Twitter, that “there is just something really great has happened”. Whatever it was, it is not known, but a spokesman for the White House, Hogan Gidley gave up, later on, that the American president is making a “major announcement, it would do so” on Sunday.

Gidley has made, nothing is known about the content of the announcement, however, rumors went around that it was the death of Al-Baghdadi would go on.

Something very big has just happened!

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen01:23 to October 27, 2019 at the latest

In april, appeared on Al Baghdadi, for the first time since 2014 is on the picture

Al Baghdadi was discovered in april of this year, for the first time since July 2014 to be in the video. Therein, he acknowledged that the attacks on three churches and three hotels in the island of Sri Lanka and the rest of the month, in which 321 people were killed.

In the video, it would be the second in which the leader of the practice. For years, it is doubted whether Al Baghdadi is still alive. Russia is claimed to be in June 2017, though, that the leader had been killed in an air strike. Also, he had several times, will be dead, which was denied by the IS.


“The first video IS of the leader of Al Baghdadi in the past five years’

He went before the American troops out of Syria

The invasion of Syria, more than a week after the US announced that their entire military forces into Syria to withdraw. Later on, the united states, to the Us military presence on Syria’s oil fields, and to strengthen, in order to protect it against a takeover by the IS.

The fields may be a critical source of income for the terrorist organization and the Us conquest of the oil fields, was, according to one official, “is one of the most significant benefits of the US, and partners.


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