The american football association is claiming women are charged more than men

The conflict between American football and the national league, US Soccer has on Tuesday in a remarkable turn of events given. President Carlos Codeiro claims that women are paid more than the men.

The female team complained to the league at the beginning of march, because they feel unfairly treated, feel. The world champion’s claims have the same payment conditions as the men, and to speak of “institutionalized discrimination on the basis of race.”

According to the chairman of the Cordeiro is in that complaint, therefore, is without merit. He finds, on the basis of an independent financial analysis, that of women over the past ten years, even more money than the mannenploeg.

“After football, in their opinion, and it is now the turn of the football association, its shareholders, partners, sponsors, and partners,” said Cordeiro, in an opinion on the financial statements.

“Now that the world cup is over, will these facts help us to develop women’s football in the United States of america, to grow and to move forward, and it will also contribute to wider international debates about equality.”


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Football, react outraged

Of the 28 football US Soccer, and have been sued have been incensed over the statement from the football association. “This is a sad attempt to get the overwhelming support, and to suppress which, the female team has been given from the fans to the sponsors”, says a spokesperson for the police know about it.

“US Soccer has on several occasions stressed that the women are not being paid, and did not even know that women don’t deserve to be treated. That is why they use words like ‘fair’ and ‘equitable’ rather than ‘equality’.”

The female team that believes no part of the research. “The figures were totally false, where wages and benefits are cut. Each of the comparison shows that the men are a lot more out of it than the women.”

Megan Rapinoe is one of the most well-known American football. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The Conflict has been longer and longer

The discontent in the U.s. team has been playing for longer and longer. In 2016, had five assists in a complaint with the commission for gender equality (EEOC). That did not bring any solution, which they were happy with.

In the run-up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, were the ones with a strike due to unfair treatment. Shortly before the tournament, they reached an agreement on a higher rate of pay.

The players are in addition to, the payments are in any way dissatisfied with the difference in the training condition, medical care, level of coaching, and the travel conditions.

For the American female team has won four times, an olympic gold, and picked up from the previous month, the fourth title in the world cup finals, to deal with the Oranjevrouwen (2-0). The football have been far more successful than their male counterparts.

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