‘The american council for self-propelled cars idle since coming Trump’

‘The american council for self-propelled cars idle since coming Trump’

An American overheidsraad for self-propelled cars would not have gathered since the start of the government-Trump.

Tell resources to Recode. The Federal Committee on Automation consists of several senior executives from large companies, including Apple, Ford and General Motors.

The companies had to be in the council to speak with the government about the construction and ultimate sale of self-propelled cars. By working closely with the government, they would be able to think about new legislation for autonomous vehicles.

The board came 16 days before the departure of president Barack Obama together for the first time. According to the sources, there are since then, however, no more meetings.

Departure Lyft

A spokesman for Google daughter Waymo think that the council is no longer active since Trump the White House. A senior official of transport service Lyft left a while back the council, due to controversial statements from president Trump about neo-nazis.

The Ministry of Transport said in July, “to explore how the committee best can be continued and where they need to focus.” A spokesman wanted this week did not respond to the rumors, but referred back to the statements from the July.

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