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Seven things that you probably already have ever wondered about America’s most prestigious film awards.

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Who is the Oscar named to the golden statuette granted?

There are different versions of the origins and development of the now patented nickname. So would Bette Davis have said that the statuette in her husband Harmon Oscar Nelson seemed to be, or would be a librarian of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, similarities have been noticed with her uncle Oscar. The historical details about the birth are, unfortunately, disappeared in the depths of the history of cinema. What we do know: that there is probably ever a smooth but angular man by the name of Oscar our globe walked. And that is someone that a sufficient reason was to be America’s most prestigious film award to him about the product.

What is such a figurine worth?

The production costs amount to around 400 dollars (about 378 euro), but the emotional value is probably a lot higher. Only prohibits the Academy explicitly financial to occupations: the sale of the sculpture is strictly prohibited. The Academy tries all the lucrative Oscarhandeltjes, but makes not very much success.

The actual value of a Academy Awards is by the way earlier in the careers of the respective artists, after winning the prestigious price a serious boost. In particular, the market value of filmmakers rises enormously after such a golden statuette.

What’s in that damn giftbags?

A fortune, as it turns out. The nominees in the major categories (best actor, actress and director; best actor in a supporting role and best actress in a supporting role) get a mountain of gifts to the value of six-digit amounts. Last year exceeded the geschenkenset the threshold of us $ 200,000 (about 189.800 euro). Of toilet paper (méérdere) pleasure trips of maaltijddonaties for dierenzorgcentra to sex toys, an expensive breast enhancement pills to cheap lipstick: it’s all there.

Those luxury items are not a gift of the Academy itself, but of the company Distinctive Assets, the status of the celebrities used to draw attention to its products. The distributors of the unofficial Oscargeschenkjes package their commercial purposes by the whole pseudo-euphemistic, to appoint as a collection of “relaxing” thank you “for the offered escapism’.

How to choose the Academy hosts?

The Academy are looking for usually to a comical someone who has a huge audience it can attract. That the presenter is sometimes a touchy subject, dare to tackle, is a bonus. Something like that brings additional media attention. During the #OscarsSoWhite controversy in 2016, the black comedian Chris Rock, for example, for what (positive) commotion about racism.

Jimmy Kimmel, here at the Emmy Awards. © REUTERS

This year will talkshowpresentator Jimmy Kimmel for host play. He did it apparently not bad during his Grammy-presentatorschap, making it on the wish-list of the Academy came to be. All turned out to be the man is not among the favorites to belong, or to say: ‘They asked like 14 people and they all said no, and then there was me. I absolutely was surprised.’ Kimmel looks like a typical choice, given the humour of the man is mainly manifested on the level of self-mockery.

How far does the Oscarlobby?

Far. Not only are there really people who at family get-togethers can tell that they are professionally ‘Oscarpublicist’, the film industry and carry a huge amount of promotiegeld over the bar. Exact figures are hard to find, but according to a rough estimate would be that at certain studios about ten to fifteen million dollars. That money must not to crowd to the cinemazalen to lure, but to the 6,000-odd Academy Award voters to convince. Roughly calculated, it is therefore not uncommon that a studio during a Oscarcampagne more than 1,500 euros per vote spend.

How does the Academy the zetelplan of the room?

A bit like a wedding ceremony plant in a troubled family. The most important and famous figures come to sit in front. To ongemakkelijkheden to avoid, places the organisation exes are on different sides of the room. Where the Oscarceremonie deviates from the typical family party: nominees in the same category are quite far from each other, so that the winners and losers are never together in the image can appear.

How is it that the hall is permanently chock-full, even if Meryl Streep on the toilet?

Meryl Streep

Beelmateriaal of empty seats makes for quite a sneue reaction shots. When Meryl Streep so her gevoeg is going to do, make the organizers for a replacement. As a presenter Neil Patrick Harris in 2015 rather truthful joked: in Hollywood that alternates known as seat fillers.

That job is quite strict. Stoelenvullers may not have movie star appeal, unless the celebrity themselves a conversation, which compounds. Eye contact is prohibited, just as a laugh. The alternates are not allowed to take pictures and the dress code is extremely strict. Seat fillers are also deemed to be no hint of their personality to exhibit to spread out. When someone who rules, disables the Academy the security. If the true celebs neatly in their place, may stoelenvullers in the corridors of the theater to wait.

Sounds like a career as a Oscarzitjesinpalmer, nonetheless, a fine affair? Unfortunately, the chance is small that your butt on a zeteltje in the Dolby Theatre will end up. The selection procedure is based primarily on nepotism: only acquaintances of employees of the Academy and stemmentelbureau PricewaterhouseCoopers the chance.


Sunday 26/2, live at Telenet on channel 300.

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