The alleged victim, A$AP Rocky didn’t know that the rapper is famous

The nineteen-year-old man who was said to have been beaten by A$AP Rocky, he knew, at the time of the fight, not that of the American artist, famous all over the world. He would subsequently have been heard by an eye-witness.

It is said by the alleged victim on Thursday in the second hearing will be the process in which A$AP Rocky, and the two of them can be accused of being a man in the street to be at risk of violence.

The Afghanistan-born man to be approached, the American rapper and his entourage, on the 30th of June, several times. He kept in touch with A$AP Rocky, once, the bodyguard, the rapper, the man physically obvious was that he was the way to go.

In the court he said Thursday that he did this because his friend had lost it. In addition, he felt his honor offended, because, in the general sense of him roughly had been dealt with.

“A$AP Rocky is not going to testify’

Slobodan Jovicic, lawyer, of the A$AP Rocky, and said it’s beyond weird to find out that the teen didn’t seem to understand that he’s a rapper and his entourage will be difficult to fell. In addition, the early Jovicic is located at the front of a Swedish court as to why the man chose a group of men were approaching, that his language doesn’t speak, instead his long-lost friend just to make a call.

According to the united states entertainmentwebsite TMZ A$AP Rocky is not going to testify in the court of law. He would prefer to have a lawyer to talk to. You’ll probably want to have the defense, this may prevent the release of the man is asked why he hasn’t just walked away when he was attacked as it was.

Were assaulted with bottles, or not at all?

In the process, they seem to be still to focus on the question of whether the alleged victim, who cuts you down with one or more of the glass bottles was beaten. On Thursday it was holding the man’s claims that this is indeed the case, although he could not say whether or not all of the alleged attackers in a bottle had to be used, as he put his arms in front of his face was held.

In the photos, the police are glassporen to be seen, but for a movie that is in the court of law to be seen to bear out the tradition, at the time of the named objects of any kind into his own hands. The other defendants appear on the frames, no glass objects are to hold on to.

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A Man was punched and kicked

A$AP Rocky, who actually is Rakim Mayers, is called, was, at the beginning of July in Sweden, was arrested after a video emerged that showed that he was a man, punched and kicked.

Pictures of the thirty years ‘ tradition, itself, on social media is shared, it is time to see how he’s tried to pick a fight to appease. Two of the men are already for some time in front of Mayers and his entourage to walk in, despite the fact that the group of men had been asked to stop.

It is said that one of the men, a pair of headphones have broken at the back of my mind, of a day of the release, and then the battle ended. Social media footage of the fight is shared. Then it was time to see how the group of men will do.

The Swedish government did on the 26th of July is known that the release of the two men in his entourage will be punished for ill-treatment.


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