The airport of hong Kong is left as the comment on the planned protest only to passengers on their flights

The airport in hong Kong, late Friday, only passengers with valid travel documents for the building. The international airport in response to the planned three-day demonstration in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1.

The hong Kong airport had earlier this week been the scene of strikes and so a lot of flights have been delayed.

“To get to the departure procedures smoothly and to get the most out of the next 24 hours, leaving passengers with a valid ticket and valid identity documents are welcome at Terminal 1,” according to an official statement from the authorities.

In the heart of hong Kong, it is already for several weeks, and regularly demonstrated. The police authorities in the autonomous Chinese region, occurs in hard against the protesters, by the frequent deployment of tear gas, and rubberkogels, but some of the protesters are equally guilty of violence and acts of vandalism. During a popular demonstration, the protesters were attacked by armed resistance groups made up of members of the organized misdaadsyndicaten, and the Triads.

The planned action at the airport, “it’s peaceful, rational and non-violent,” promise the organisers.


Why hong Kong is so often demonstrates

The protesters fear the creeping influence of China,

The protesters in hong Kong want to have a controversial law that extradition to China, makes final table. In addition, it requirements, and they release and waiver of charges for arrested protesters, and is an extension of the right to vote at elections for the city council.

The city was a British colony, but it was in 1997 handed over to China. That’s what happened, on the condition that hong Kong until 2047, economic and political, will remain independent. Critics of Beijing’s fear that China will gradually advance to try to take the entire sequester.

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