The Air Force command in Europe: Trump ‘ s MAGA has not failed to any new signings for the troops against rules

nearvideo-lawmakers in Iraq condemn Trump, ask the U.S. forces to leave the country after the visit of the President, troops

Politicians of the party led by the prominent Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr say, it is not possible to determine up to President trump, the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq, Lucas Tomlinson reports from the Pentagon.

President Trump will not violate the visit signing of the “Make America Great Again” hats during his eventful travel to troops in Iraq against legislation that prohibits a mixture of political and military activities, says United States Air Force in Europe.

Trump-journey in the beginning of this week, a stop at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to refuel, where military members met with the President, and brought to write your personal belongings for Trump. The gesture quickly drew ridicule from the likes of CNN and others, citing possible violations of military rules for service members and political activities. For the Air Force of the ECB regulation AFI 51-902, Political activities by members of the U.S. Air Force .

But it contains no explicit mention of the incidents, such as Trump’s impromptu hat-signing, according to Your indication is, each of the the regulation applies to a sitting President and commander-in-chief.

“There is no rule against a pilot’s personal items to be signed by the President,” USAFE said. “Each time the commander-in-chief, offers the opportunity to meet with flyers, such as this holiday visit of the President and First Lady, the flyers are welcome. No policy violations has been brought to our attention at this time.”

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