‘The age of man has more effect on success rate of ivf treatment than previously thought”

‘The age of man has more effect on success rate of ivf treatment than previously thought”

Not only the age of the woman, but also that of the man’s influence on the succeskansen in an ivf treatment. This is evident from an examination of the American university of Harvard, on Sunday, was presented.

The researchers brought their study to the spotlight during the annual congress of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Geneva, reports the BBC Monday.

They studied almost negentienduizend ivf cycles at almost eight thousand and came to the conclusion that older men have a lower chance to conceive a child than younger men with a female partner of the same age. That is at odds with the accepted wisdom that men in their life without prejudice fruitful stay.

The research showed that men in the age group of 40-42 years were linked to a 46 percent lower chance of through an ivf treatment to conceive a child than men of 30-35 years as the age of the woman under the thirty year lag. 35-year-old women had a significantly higher chance of success if their male partner is under thirty years old than if he is mid-30.


The results confirm instead the image that spermamutaties and a decrease in the number of sperm to provide a reduced fertility in older men, both in natural and artificially assisted non return rate at.

Other studies have shown that the sperm of older men are more susceptible to genetic errors, which have been associated with the development of autism and schizophrenia in children.

The researchers and other experts stress that more research is needed to clarify the effect of age on male fertility.

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