The actor Mena Massoud in case you have the Aladdin no longer have to audition to come up

The actor Mena Massoud, and after his starring role in the liveactionremake of the Aladdin, not an invitation to audition for more. The 28-year-old actor tells The Daily Beast that his role in the Disney film, it does not have to be ensured that he will now have more reels.

“I’m ready to take this to mention,” says Massoud. “I want people to know that it’s not just a bed of roses, it is as if you are in a movie, like Aladdin did. People think I have millions I have earned, and the offers are coming in, but nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve got a couple of auditions since the movie came out.”

The actor beat out two thousand other actors in the fight for the title role in Aladdin. The film now has more than $ 1 billion (900 million euros) is applied. “Can I at least audition?”, ask Massoud out loud. “I expect it won’t be that, it’s Batman to be able to play it, but I can at least have a chance to audition?”

The Egypt-born Canadian actor, told me in earlier interviews, though, that he was in the early days of his career, especially in roles such as terrorists could get in. He explained that non-white actors have the luck to have them as a wild card to get in. “In a room full of white actors to look castingdirectors one or two of the actors from those that are not, and who will get the wild card.”

Massoud was from the 6th of december, to look at the series of Reprisal, that is, on the streaming service Hulu will display. The actor auditioned for this role before Aladdin was released.

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