The actor, Jelle de Jong did eight auditions for the “Soldier of Orange”

Jelle de Jong, who is currently working as a Fred from the Wood, in “Soldier of Orange” is to be seen, it has a total of eight audition will have to take a role in the succesmusical.

The 32-year-old Young says he was in the very early days of the show, which, this year, its-year-anniversary-celebrating, all the audition to the lead role of Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema.

“I was too young, too busy, and too ill-advised; it didn’t fit. However, the creative team, including Theu Boermans, the director, thought that I was a to Erik, it would be”, tells the story of The Young, in the interview with the PS for The Moment.

We had several auditions where the actor was turned down because he has the vocal was not strong enough. “I was nervous, but it was my honor to not go to the auditions to go to. The last time they called, it was around Christmas of 2014, just a few weeks after the death of my father. Once again, I was given the role, not at all.”

The Young, in deciding not to audition, to do so, but it took place in 2018, with the initiative to make contact with the “Soldier of Orange” -the team, the question is whether he will have to audition was for a role. The actor noticed that he has more self-confidence gained by The Stormruiter, a show in which he and the horses worked.

“It was the worst book ever written. There was no note of it, you could see people really looking around, so embarrassing. But all I had at the horse show point of view, so I got to the part on the condition that I was singing would take it.”

De Jong knows that he is now “getting better each day, sing”. “I think it’s incredibly funny.”

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