The 250-million-year-old volcano, and is on sale for $60G

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If you’ve ever wanted to make your own, natural disaster, here’s your chance.

Species of 250 million year-old volcano, in the Uk, it is sold for 50,000 British pounds, or $60,890.

The plot of land, which is now known as the Posbury Clump, is situated in the countryside of Devon, and has been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest, reports SWNS.

Extinct for 250 million-year-old British-volcano, and has been put up for sale for as little as € 50,000. The former ‘ lava-spilling site, which is now known as the Posbury Group, and the new owners want to enjoy the beautiful views of the historic hilltop site. (Credit: SWNS)


About 100 years ago, and has been a part of the site was used as a rock quarry, for the manufacture of basalt stone, which was used in the Crediton Church, Medland House, and a number of other buildings in Devon.

“The forest cover to hide the remains of the old workings, which extend over approximately half of the site,” Jackson, Stop it, and the real estate agent that is in the context of the country, said on its web site. “There is vehicular access to a road that leads to the old quarry, and the canopy cover is native trees such as ash, oak, and holly. The prominent site, which will rise to more than 500, and there are beautiful views in every direction from the edge of the forest.”

There are also a handful of houses, scattered all over the ancient monastery of Posbury St. Francis of estate of Posbury Clump used to be part of it,” the broker added.

Jackson-Stops, said the program is a “great opportunity” for someone to be “the perfect claim that you can become the proud owner of your very own volcano.”

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