The 10 most legendary concerts ever at Pukkelpop

In the run-up to Pukkelpop 2013, presents Knack Focus you the best from the past 27 editions of the Ramones and Nirvana to The White Stripes and Daft Punk.

DAF (1986)

The German band DAF (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft) was in the years ’80 on the basis of the ‘electronic body music and techno, but was not averse to a little controversy. Not only rhymes with their band name on the terreurbeweging RAF, also their lyrics are provocative – `Tanz den Mussolini, tanz den Adolf Hitler und tanz den Jesus christus”, sounds in the monsterhit ‘Der Mussolini’.

When DAF in 1986, a playbackshow put it on the Pukkelpop – at that time located on the football field in Heppen, Leopoldsburg – they were by the spectators of the stage gekegeld with all aardkluiten that were available. 17 years later, in 2003, turned the men of DAF for the first time back to Pukkelpop … and they were carried on hands.

Ramones (1988)

Pukkelpop moved in 1988 to this event in Leopoldsburg, an airport with a large grassy area. When the Ramones from their tour bus got off, they were completely dazed. ‘I thought we were playing in Brussels, in a big city! We’re in the country! What are we doing here?’, according to bassist DeeDee. Nevertheless, the punkpioniers according to organizer Chokri Mahassine and programmator Eppo Janssen for the ideal festivalset: short, powerful, and easy. “Just about everyone, even the dj’s, took the Ramones very good.”

Nirvana (1991)

In 1991, the festival for the first time in Kiewit, near Hasselt, time on site, at the Petting zoo one year later it again was abandoned. At the top of the poster, philippines re the Ramones, the bottom of Nirvana. Kurt Cobain and his group were allowed to substitute for the absent Limbomaniacs because at that moment they were on tour with Sonic Youth that day at Pukkelpop.

Nirvana played around 10 hours, for a small audience of which about half was drunk. “The biggest show that I had done,” says drummer Dave Grohl. That changed a couple of just a few days after that, conscious Pukkelpop-gig, when ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit” was released and the Nirvana-madness broke loose.

Hole (1995)

A year and a half after the suicide of Kurt Cobain programmed Pukkelpop his widow Courtney Love and her band Hole. The chronicle of an announced disaster. La Love was so drunk and stoned that they are on the way to the festival stopped by the security at the airport, in Zaventem, then fall asleep to the cross of her driver. She arrived barely a half hour before the performance, and saw there, according to witnesses, completely emaciated. With the proper medication proved she’s still able to play. On the stage left mrs. Love, who reportedly no slip wore-to her breast. Musically, the concert was Hole a flop.

Neil Young + Pearl Jam (1995)

In 1995, organized Pukkelpop for the first time, an additional day – to 2000 went to the festival two days, later it became a three-day -, and was the mark of 50,000 visitors exceeded. The headliner of that extra day of the festival was Neil Young, who let himself be flanked by Pearl Jam (without Eddie Vedder). A unique event, for Young and Pearl Jam – who in June 1995 collaborative album “Mirror Ball” for their countries trading less than eleven times together in Europe. Maybe uncle Neil – that afzegde for Pukkelpop 2013 as a member of Crazy Horse, has just been involved in an accident – the forces of Eddie Vedder this year, just to come together.

The White Stripes (2004)

Jack and Meg White played in 2004, their last festivalconcert on Belgian soil. Moreover, it was the duo at that time – a year after the release of their magnus opus ‘Elephant’ – at the peak of his ability. The White Stripes passed no bite-sized chunk – there passed a lot of obscure bluesnummers and squealing garagerockgitaren the revue, but they immediately Pukkelpop in the end, however, flat with the inevitable anthem ‘Seven Nation Army’.

LCD Soundsystem (2004) & Arcade Fire (2005)

Pukkelpop is still a festival with a nose for emerging talent. The two most recent exponents of it are LCD Soundsystem and the Arcade Fire: they were virtually unknown when they were in respectively 2004 and 2005 in small print on the Pukkelpop poster showed, but were in Kiewit really discover and got a couple of years later, both of them a prominent spot on the main stage.

The now defunct LCD Soundsystem grew shortly after that first Pukkelpop passage from one of the hippest elektropunkbands on earth, and Arcade Fire is on course to a stadionact to be – in 2011 grabbed the Grammy for best album under the nose of Lady Gaga and Eminem. Interesting detail: at this very moment captures the Arcade Fire the final touches on their soon to be released album ‘Reflector’, a production of … LCD Soundsystem head honcho James Murphy.

Daft Punk (2006)

Daft Punk was fifteen or twenty years ago one of the first dance acts that should headlinen on a rock festival – a trend that is now completely broken. A performance of the parisiens is so rare that it is exclusive. Before Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in 2006 Pukkelpop closed, was the 1997 ago that they are once again in the Low Countries were to be seen.

Especially for the giant piramideconstructie of Daft Punk, changed the Pukkelpop organisation, the height of the main stage. The duo provided the tens of thousands of festival-goers a megalomaniac light show and a huge load of big hits around the world. Since then sounds the cry for a new passage of Daft Punk at Pukkelpop every year, again, a little louder – especially now that the duo’s ‘Random Access Memories’ an excellent new album out. That comeback will still be a year or five to be postponed. Make sure that you’re there.

dEUS (2009)

dEUS played at Pukkelpop, one of their most and least legendary festivalconcerten in Belgium: in 1994, the roof off, in 2004, the band – then still with Craig Ward and Danny Mommens, who shortly afterwards the group got – to disappoint. Five years later, Tom Barman and co double well: on Friday, with a riotous show full of guest appearances (Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife, Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, Younes Faltahk of The Hickey Underworld and The Youth Of Today), on Saturday with a completely different, more vintage dEUS-set. It was the first time that a band two times if arrival during the same Pukkelpop edition.

Foo Fighters (2012)

Dave Grohl is in the course of the years has grown to become a Pukkelpop-symbol. The festivaldebuut of Foo Fighters was found in 1995 place in Kiewit. Amateurism asset when, because Grohl could barely play the guitar. In 1997 and 2003, followed two passages from the Foo Fighters at Pukkelpop, and in 2009 played Grohl there the first festivalconcert with Them Crooked Vultures. Two years later, had the Foo Fighters for a full need to worry on the main stage, but shortly before their concert broke the conscious storm. 2012 marked the symbolic return of the band, that with an emotionally charged concert, the festival closed for the largest audience that we ever Pukkelpop to have seen.

Here you can listen to the concert of Nirvana at Pukkelpop in 1991, possibly the most legendary performance in the history of the festival.

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