The 10 best concerts of Pukkelpop 2017

“The sister of” on the Queenie of the British rock to that paljas called Pawlowski: these ten artists made the best turn on Pukkelpop.

The Flaming Lips © Wouter Van Vaerenbergh


‘The sister of’ guided her audience on Thursday along sweet synthfunk, harmonious soul, gospel blessed r&b and discopop, while her group with his tight direction and choreography of the golden Motown-years to life. With the debacle of Rihanna last year still in mind, we saw a show with verve proved that r&b is so much more than prearranged choruses and confettidouches. A class of its own.

Ty Segall

This central figure of the garagerockscene in San Francisco if the gitaargroep of oblivion come to your rescue, Thursday night at Pukkelpop. Of heavy metal to flirty glam rock to sixtiespunk to rootsrock to swirling jams: the quintet broke like starving wolves on the carcass of six decades gitaargeweld and made the first Pukkelpopdag for the pit in the moshpit.

The xx

This trio of former wallflowers appeared on Pukkelpop to a Very Large Group. On the birthday of singer Romy Madley Croft, ditch The xx-the first day of the festival with a grand concert, including a dj set from Jamie xx. Headlinen, it was them still also.


Socially engaged, provocative, morbid and proud of their undergroundkrediet: the radical raptrio Ho99o9 kicked Pukkelpop a conscience and had the crowd partying like there’s no tomorrow in prospect lay. After forty minutes on the first row, was limping and bruises to count. That must of Rage Against the Machine ago.

Gruppo di Pawlowski

Without Mauro no Pukkelpop, and without Pukkelpop no Mauro. Saturday at midnight if the ex-guitarist of dEUS, the Lift-tent dichtritsen with his geschiftste rock band since Evil Superstars: Gruppo di Pawlowski. Who is not from Limburg or Small-Antwerp, will undoubtedly be left with a mouth full of teeth have a look to this absurdist balorkest, with guest features of a bare-chested rondhuppelende Tim Vanhamel and a costumed dwarf.

Mount Kimbie

An easy group Mount Kimbie not, but one that is never finished with itself heruit to find. In the Castello, we recorded Friday night patches dub, African patterns, new wave influences and whimsical synthpop – sometimes entwined, sometimes refined, but always within the contours of Mount Kimbie.

PJ Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey brought you her love, on Thursday in the Marquee. On her way though: stoic, cool, without too much geglimlach or gepalaver. La Harvey spoke with her songs, especially from her two youngest plates. You had to just wait, but the hits came and overrompelden. PJ Harvey, still every inch a Queenie.


‘Pukkelpop, we’re going to a party”, suggested Lander Gyselinck. And whether it is a party, Friday night in the Club. The late was the weirde shit – a space jam! – but the public went smoothly in their trip. And we with them.

Nicolas Years

No confetti, no fireworks, no spectacular light show, but the tent was, however, on his head at Nicolas Year, the Chilean American who is more eenmansgroep than knoppendraaier. Good thing too, because his psychedelic trip through techno, industrial, post-punk, noise, and dub brought the audience completely in ecstasy.

The Flaming Lips

Confettisnippers, giant balloons, a pink robot, and a plastic unicorn-on-wheels: these are the resources that Wayne Coyne and co. Pukkelpop, showed rock. The Flaming Lips, never less than an experience. And the music? Who loved, as always, the middle ground between poppy and psychedelic, with a cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity as an additional asset. ‘Commencing countdown, engines on / Check ignition and may God’s love be with you’, he sang, and just for a moment we thought that he himself really space would shoot.

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