Thailand has the most dangerous roads in the world

Despite the relatively good infrastructure Thailand has the deadliest roads in the world. Only in Libya are even more people into the movement. That says a report from the world health organization (WHO).

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The last new year’s period, again shows that it really is made with the road traffic safety on the Thai roads. At the beginning of the ‘Seven Deadly Days’ try large media campaigns Thai road users warning to the traffic rules to respect.

During those periods, new year and Songkran, the traditional Thai new year in april, increasing the number of road deaths spectacular. Millions of workers withdraw from the city to their home village to go.

The campaigns get nothing. In the past new year’s period, between 29 december and 3 January, lost 426 people living on the Thai roads. In the same period a year earlier, there were 340. On January 2, died to 25 people, when two overloaded vans to catch fire after a collision.

24.000 deaths per year

In Thailand, a fall of 24,000 fatalities per year. That is a ratio from 36.2 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. In Belgium, it’s the 6.7. But also the neighbouring countries do much better: according to figures from 2013 and get Cambodia and Myanmar, a ratio of, respectively, 17,4 and was 20.3.

Excessive speed and drunk driving are the most common causes of the macabre statistics. The existing traffic rules on the Thai roads with the feet force. Millions of cars and mopeds are not even registered.

30 percent more cars

The infrastructure has a major progress made with this and other new highways. But the number of cars in the last five years with 30 per cent. Discipline and legislation behind this growth. And offenders are rarely punished. Who are helmet wearing, there is the risk of a fine. However include brommerrijders to more than 73 percent of the fatalities.

There pinches the shoe. Rules and information are not enough if the law is not enforced. Motorists behave only if violations are consistently punished. The corruption in Thailand makes it easy to take a penalty to avoid. And too few agents are responsible for movement.

According to the WHO, are education and enforcement are the keys to safer roads. And not only during the annual holiday periods. That takes attention away from the fact that the Thai roads all year long, life-threatening. (IPS)

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