Thai Airways’ new seat belt should be “waist-size limit”

Thai Airways’ new seat belts prevent passengers of a certain size of business class flying.


Well, this is a bit awkward.

Thai Airways has come up with a plan for the installation of the seat belts and airbags in the business class cabins on its new 787 Dreamliner jets.

The move is good news for nervous flyers, but it is bad news for those who have some extra weight around their waist — because they simply do not fit.

Passengers with a waist of more than 56 inches will not be able to fasten the new seatbelt airbags in a manner that meets the safety standards according to the vice-president of Thai Airways’ safety, security and the standards of the department, Prathana Pattanasiri, the Bangkok Post reports.

The new airbags will also fly difficult for parents of young children, who are now forced to be for cattle class if they need to travel with their children sit on their lap.

The seat belt can not be extended because of the airbag mechanism, according to the Post.

The airline has imposed, with a waist size limit for passengers and prohibited passengers that are infants on their lap.

And it is not the first airline to target overweight passengers.

European carrier Finnair has announced plans in November to weigh passengers before they board a plane.

The Finnish airline said that it is not doing the punishing passengers for overweight people, but only to cut down on the operational costs.

Through the development of a more precise weight and balance of the aircraft, Finnair said that it could streamline the costs of the refuelling of the aircraft.

Samoa Air became the first airline in the world to charge passengers based on weight in 2013.

The airline, which subsequently went bankrupt, asked passengers for the local equivalent of 50 cents for every kilo that they brought on board — both on their bodies and in their suitcase.

And in a controversial policy introduced in 2016, Hawaiian Airlines said passengers of American Samoa, could not be more pre-selection of their chairs, with the staff to eyeball heavier passengers in place, and place them in a way that more evenly distributed weight on board.

But the airline denied claims the weight of the passengers on the American Samoa Pago Pago International Airport.

In a survey of the BRITISH passengers in November, four out of five people said they wanted to overweight passengers to sit in special areas on the plane that offered wider seats, wider aisles and more legroom.

The strong views came from research by UK travel website Jetcost, saw that one in 10 passengers say that they had to endure an uncomfortable flight because the passenger she sat next to overweight.

Thai Airways is a feature of the new seat belt in the front of business class seats on the 787 Dreamliner of the fleet. The airline’s two new Dreamliners to the fleet in September.

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