Texas takes a step in the direction of the perception of their own ” Bad ” law

Texas a step closer Sunday night to adopt its own version of North Carolina is brought to the controversial “bathroom” bill.

The state house of representatives added the measure as an amendment to a bill for emergency operations in the schools. The change would require students in the bathroom of their biological gender at school.

This is in contrast to a previous bill in the Texas legislature, which was similar to the North Carolina ‘bathroom’ bill and people needed to use the toilet with the right biological sex in all public facilities. To pass the bill in the Senate, but was in the house.

Instead, the house of the legislator time on the toilet provisions, SB 2078, a bill meant to outline specific school security requirements and standards. The bathroom amendment was added as a way to improve the “privacy, dignity and safety” of students, according to the author, Republican state Rep. Chris is the historic paddle steamers.

The amendment requires that schools offer a single room bathroom for students who don’t want to use the bathroom of their biological sex. It allows the students a multi-occupancy bathrooms, if no one else is there.

In the debate on the House floor, opponents argued that the discriminated bill and questioned whether or not the individual baths are equal to multi-occupancy, bathroom, and whether the change is suitable for the bill.

“The bill attacks and emergencies is submitted on disasters and terrorism. How does your change fit in to this invoice?”, representative Joseph Moody, a Democrat from El Paso asked.

“I think it is absolutely about the safety of children,” the historic paddle steamers is told.

Moody went on to say, the historic paddle steamers is that transgender students have attacked someone never, in a bathroom. Moody said, the statistics about bullying, sex, crime, bullying and violence in Bad show, transgender students have been victims.

The historic paddle steamers is argued, the draft law offers the same protections for transgender students.

“It’s about the safety of one and the same child, which you have pointed out that a transgender child, was attacked. It’s about students as well. This change treats all students the same,” the historic paddle steamers is told.

The bill now goes to the Senate. If it passes, Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign it.

Ray Bogan is a Fox-News-multimedia reporter based in El Paso, Texas. Follow him on twitter: @RayBogan


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