Texas Republicans overwhelmingly support the removal of the Muslim official of a circle

Dr. Shahid Shafi, a trauma-worked surgeon, is with the Tarrant County GOP for over 10 years.
(Amanda Voisard/Austin American-Statesman, via AP)

To keep Texas Republicans GOP county officials voted in to his position, after a small group of triggered noise about his Muslim religious beliefs.

The Tarrant County Republican party voted overwhelmingly to keep Dr. Shahid Shafi as the party, the Vice-Chairman on Thursday. Shafi, a trauma surgeon and Southlake city Council, was the target of a small group of Republicans under the leadership of district Chairman Dorrie O’brien – who claimed that his religious beliefs which he represents in accordance with those in the County.

But the party rejected calls to oust him from the position on Thursday in a 139-49 voice.

“As an immigrant in this great country, I feel honored and privileged to have the support by my fellow Republicans,” Shafi said after the vote, according to The Texas Tribune. “We must learn to trust each other, so we are a more perfect union every day.”

“We must learn to trust each other, so we are a more perfect union every day.”

— Dr. Shahid Shafi

Tarrant County Republican y Chairman Darl Easton said shows the voice”, we are a party that respects the right of those who do not have a Problem, a place at the table and their voices heard.”

“Religious freedom today find evening and while it makes a great day for the Republican party of Tarrant County, the victory serves also that we do a lot of work, the unification of our party,” he said in a statement.


Originally from India and Pakistan, Shafi a U.S. citizen in 2009, and was the Vice-chair position since July. He worked for the party, but for about 10 years.

O’brien is credited with leading the fight against Shafi — often the time of booking of your opposition to his appointment in the social media.

“We do not believe that he is suitable to be used as a practicing Muslim, the Deputy Chairman, because he would be the representative for ALL of the Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL of the Republicans in Tarrant County, Islam is safe or acceptable in the United States, in Tarrant County, and in the TCGOP,” O’brien wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.

You didn’t know, the vote at the meeting, Tarrant County precinct chair Sara Legvold was sitting outside, wearing a burqa to represent “the Islamization of our country, our state and our country,” The Texas Tribune reported.

To wear “you’ll see it in the workplace, where the Muslims are demanding, that they are able to hijab, and demand they get a prayer room,” Legvold said. “When was the last time a Christian is allowed to say a separate place to your prayers?”


Despite the push by some in the County party, Shafi received the support of prominent Republicans, including Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz and Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

“Religious freedom is at the core of who we are as a nation and state, and the attacks on Dr. Shafi because of his faith, in contrast to this principle,” Abbott said in a statement.

“I bow in front of the Tarrant County Republican party for the re-Affirmation of the Shahid Shafi,” Bush said in a tweet on Thursday evening. “He is a good man who does a good job. And we should never allow to play that religious bigotry of any party in our policy.”


Cruz had previously, the “discrimination” against Shafi defendant.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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