Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, grows a beard, so he is not to be confused with the twin-brother, in 2020, The Julián Castro

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Here are some facts you may not know about the former Secretary of housing and urban development Julian Castro.

Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro, the twin brother of 2020 candidate Julián Castro says that he is tall, has a beard, to avoid confusion between the two, which seems to happen often enough.

The democratic members of Congress, who, since 2013, joked last week that he was experimenting with facial hair to distinguish himself from his brother, who is currently on the campaign seeking the democratic presidential nomination.


“I hadn’t shaved in like three days and I decided I would just grow the beard back and it doesn’t help that people always think that I run for President,” Joaquin told reporters on Thursday, according to USA Today.

The rep said people confuse him for his brother in public places like the airport or on the road – “almost every day.”

Julián Castro, left, and Joaquin Castro, right, are often confused for each other. So Joaquin decided not to grow back his beard, “so that the people always think” he is running for President.

Since Julián — which formerly served as mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and as a former President Barack Obama’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary from 2014 to 2017 to 2020 launches its bid are, many have confused the 44-year-old twins.

In June, MSNBC post Noah Rothman apologized for the mix-up of Joaquin Julian during an episode of “Morning Joe.” Rothman noted in a June Fox News the town hall, which featured Julian and said, Joaquin claimed the trump administration “is” hell-bent on in the direction of war with Iran.”

Joaquin quickly Rothman corrected and said he has not talked to Fox News about Iran. Rothman immediately, apologized and was embarrassed, but said, the mix needs to happen all the time.


Host Chris Hayes, also of MSNBC, in February, asked Joaquin if he can’t grow a beard “, to confuse the people, you and your twin brother.”

“I said I would try not to look like a certain presidential candidate, so I hope you like the beard here,” Castro said.

Hayes said in the show that he spoke with one of the Castro brothers on midterm election night in 2018, but he didn’t know who he had spoken. Joaquin said Hayes, Julian had spoken of.

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