Texas man confronts alleged childhood bully of the school superintendent – emotional address



Texas superintendent accused of being a bully

Texas man confronts his tormentor three decades later.

A Texas man faces his alleged childhood bully – Houston-area school superintendent – in an emotional address in front of the school board that has gone viral.

Greg Barrett participated in a Katy Independent School District meeting of the board on Monday to confront the Superintendent Lance Hindt, who he claimed were with him during his school days.

Barrett walked up to the stage and how he was “incredibly bullied” in school in the 1970’s and 1980’s his legal name – Greg Gay.

Katy Independent School District Superintendent Lance Hindt was accused of being a former classmate of bullying.

(Katy Independent School District)

“I was bullied. Incredibly bullied,” said Barrett. “I’ve started, and I had teachers that bullied me, I had children who bullied me, even the coaches. I had nobody to turn to.”

He recalled one incident at lunch, when a few classmates pushed his head into a urinal, busting his lip in the interim and left him covered in urine. He said that the children kicked him, before leaving him in the fetal position.


Barrett said he stood up and washed his face before I go to the principal’s office. The client allegedly told him: “these children will grow up one day and they will not always be so.”

The customer sent the Barrett house where he went to his father’s drawer and took his gun and contemplated suicide.

“Because at this point I had no one — no one in the school to help me. Is that the way this is going to be?” Barrett asked.

He pointed to Hindt and said, “Lance, you were the one that pushed my head in the urinal.” He raised his arms and thanked the jury for listening to before walk.

A few murmurs were heard as a small laugh as Barrett walked away.

“I’ve started, and I had teachers that bullied me, I had children who bullied me, even the coaches. I had nobody to turn to.”

– Greg Barrett

From a different point in the room, Barrett asked, “do you want a debate, because I have witnesses who were there when it happened?”

The video then cuts off. It was not immediately clear if Hindt responded to Barrett after his speech.

Hindt issued a statement denying the accusations.

“It was hard for me to listen to a man Monday night, tell about a bullying incident he said occurred with more than 35 years ago,” Hindt wrote in a statement. “As a superintendent in three school districts in Texas, I’ve always tried to create an environment in which each pupil a safe physical and emotional. But when an individual impugns my character and reputation as the instigator of these actions, I am disappointed because it is simply not true.”


Hindt confirmed that he and Barrett attended the same high school, but not the same high school.

“And my junior high principal — Mr. McMeans — would never have let me (or someone else’s] way with the actions that he has described,” Hindt said. “I don’t want to suggest that Mr Barrett was not harassed, only that I have no part of it. Bullying is wrong. Period. It was then and is today.”

Barrett told the Houston Chronicle he has not spoken Lindt since the junior high and said one of the boys in the bathroom incident, has apologized.

Barrett told the media outlet he decided to come forward with his story after hearing of the reports of bullying at the school district.

“I thought it was time to say something,” he said.

Barrett said that he does not want to Hindt to lose his job, but wants him to acknowledge the incident and apologize for him.

“People change. They do stupid things when they are young,” said Barrett. “I just want him to acknowledge, he says sorry, and so this does not continue to happen.”

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