Texas city POPs Cruz, challenger Beto O’rourke about his ‘false’ defence, knees, NFL athletes

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Cruz, dents challenger O’rourke for the defence anthem of the protests

Beto O’rourke, the Democrat challenging GOP sen. Ted Cruz in the mid-term elections, says it is ‘nothing more American’ than kneeling during the national anthem.

Officials, which was adopted in a small Texas city officials for a resolution, proposed U.S. Senate hopeful Beto O’rourke about his recent comments on NFL athletes kneeling during the national anthem, calling his comments wrong and the protests “disrespectful.”

The Reno City Council, said the decision earlier this week that it is “disrespectful to, and to kneel dishonors the sacrifices of our veterans, service members and first responders of the United States of America, during the national anthem.”

The Council considered the anthem as a time, “all should be to recognize and honor the sacrifices they have made to our country,” reports the Star-Telegram.

The officials also added, O ‘ Rourke, who is trying to overthrow, Texas sen. Ted Cruz, in a high-stakes elections in November of this year, saying his comments about the knees, the NFL plays the “false”.

The Democrat previously defended the athletes, the knees while the national anthem as a way to protest racial injustice.

“Non-violent, peaceful, while the eyes are in this country, these games take you to bring a knee, our attention and our focus on this issue to ensure that we can fix it,” O’rourke said. “I think, nothing can stand up more American than peaceful, or take a knee for their rights, anywhere and at any time or any place.”


In the opinion of the Council, however, O’rourke’s comments are not legitimate.

“The Reno city Council is of the view kneeling during the national anthem of the United States of America is not only un-American, but one of the highest forms of disrespect …”

– The Reno City Council

“The Reno city Council is said not to be able to show the view of kneeling during the national anthem of the United States of America only un-American, but one of the highest forms of disrespect to anyone, the sacrifice and the service of our country, members of the military, veterans and first responders,” the resolution.

Hope of the Democrats, reacted cautiously to the decision of the Council.

“I am grateful to all who put their lives on the line for this country, every member of the law enforcement and every one of our forces,” he told the newspaper.

“I am grateful to all who added to the discussion and measures for the position of full civil rights for every American,” he said.

Reno mayor Eric Hunter reaffirms the Council’s position in an interview with the hill, namely, a resolution of the city represents the feelings about O’rourke’s comments.

“My main point was that Mr [O’ Rourke] is wrong, there are many other things you can do, is more American, as you said, such a lack of respect for our veterans, and our country,” Hunter.

“It is the right of everyone to the knees, and I would defend that right, it is also our right to state our opinion that your method of protest is disrespectful. We have 4 veterans on our Council, including myself, and I think we would all agree on that point,” he added.

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