Texaans the court will order for it after mass protest

Texaans the court will order for it after mass protest

The Texas Court of Appeals the execution of Rodney Reed, (51) is stopped. The man has been sentenced to death because he was in 1996, and his nineteen-year-old’s lover should have been raped and murdered. The petition for enforcement is, by almost three million people have signed up to it.

Reed would be coming in on Wednesday to be executed by means of lethal injection. The online petition for his death sentence to a stop, it was supported by celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, LL Cool J and Oprah Winfrey.

The Afro-American, Reed was in 1998, and sentenced to death by an all-white jury. The man had a sexual relationship with Stacey Stites. The case revolved about the DNA reports, it would have been found at the crime scene. Reed himself has always maintained his innocence and said he was on the day of the murder, yet sexual relationship with Stites had to be mutually approved.

The non-profit organization, The Innocence Project, DNA research, attempt to judicial errors, in order, is Already a business doing that. The organization said that the forensic experts who are at the Reed testified, later admitted that they made mistakes in their research.

It is also important that the organization in question, the man Stites, a former policeman who, at the time, and her relationship. Witnesses have reported that this is Jimmy Fennell, after the death of Stites suspect the comments would have been made. Fennell has just completed a ten-year prison sentence behind him for the sexual assault and kidnapping.

As the Texas Court of Appeals, that the foreclosure has been stopped, the matter will be brought back to a lower court. This gives the attorneys of the Reed, and the chance to see all the evidence for it is light to hold.

At the time, Reed is still in jail. It is not clear whether he is soon to be released.


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