Teun van de keuken makes a stand against youth

Teun van de keuken makes a stand against youth

Photo: NCRV/Rogier Veldman

Journalist Teun van de keuken has always withstood the restraints of his youth. “I was always against opposition that people think: he comes from a particular environment, that there is one.”

In conversation with the AD tells the journalist, well-known television programs, The Inspection service of Value, and The Monitor, that he therefore likes to make programs for and about people with whom he was in elementary school at the time.

“In The Monitor I talk with people who have problems with their php or three jobs at the same time, should keep it because they barely have their head above water. I understand that they are angry.”

From the Kitchen comes from a family that surrounded himself with the same people as they. “Everyone was white, artistic, somewhat intellectual,” he says. On the other hand is Of the Kitchen for ideological reasons to a popular lower school, where he is an outsider.

“I was in my youth trying to prevent me from being bullied. I was different than other children, because my parents were different than the other parents and because I have a form of eczema that was unattractive.”


In his novel Good People, wrote Of the Kitchen a personal and poignant story of a not so typical Amsterdam youth as the son of documentary filmmaker Johan van der keuken. “I think my mother is not excited about my book.”

The Kitchen wanted to in the book as honest as possible in writing. “During the writing process I have the story to anyone reading, not even my wife. The book is brutal, but for me that is not the same as unloving. I wanted to be honest about how I see it.”

“I hope that the book is not between us, because I now have a very good relationship with my mother.” The Kitchen emphasizes that he is not bitter. “I think most parents do what they do with the best of intentions. I think the parents in my book that have also done.”

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