Tested: Levi’s Lot700 – the denimlijn that every woman would fit

The Lot700 series is deeply rooted in the heritage of Levi’s and is inspired by the very first women’s jeans. A collection of 6 jeansmodellen that every woman flatters? That we had to test.

Every woman should be a lievelingsjeans in her wardrobe have to hang a pair of pants in which they feel sexy, strong, but also feel comfortable. Although stretch by some denimliefhebbers maligned, choose the iconic brand Levi’s out for the stretchy material.

Who stretch immediately think of jeggings that after a day of wear to go run to the knees, or a silly excuse for a pants the is actually a bit too small obviously has no trust in the years of expertise of the jeans brand. Levi’s themselves and continue to reinvent without his roots, to deny: there was massively used in material science and product innovation and that is evident from the new high Lot700 that the jeans brand this month has brought on the market.

Thanks to the sturdy, stretchy fabric that still her form is know to keep, they go there at Levi’s boasts that every woman, regardless of her body type, a pair of pants in this collection can be found where they are incredibly good in feel.

Inspired by the iconic classification system for the men, now the women of her own three-digit code under the Fate 700. But what are those three numbers and where are they for? The first number stands for the upper part, and makes for the perfect contouring of the buttocks, the second number refers to the rise, going from low to high and the last number indicates the beenbreedte, where 0 stands for super skinny and 5 for a bootcut.

The Lot700 line consists of six pieces:

– 710: Super Skinny

– 711: Skinny

– 712: Slim with mid rise

– 714: Straight

– 715: Bootcut

– 721: High-rise Skinny

Levi’s talkt in any case the talk, but how (be)is the Lot700 collection now really? I decided to test it out and see if Levi’s (and myself) the walk can walking. And let me now just the most suitable guinea pig.

In agony in the dressing room

You see, the only denimstuks that I have in my wardrobe have hanging is a mom jeans, and some jean jackets because I have a construction where only Kanye West and pepermolenontwerpers wild would be: a narrow waist, disproportionately wide hips, a round bum, thin thighs, muscular calves and slender ankles. Although the science and the marketing of brands claim that iederèèn well with skinny jeans, I am invariably convinced of the contrary. And that dissatisfaction, I took with me in the fitting room.

I decided to start with the most popular model, the 721: a pair of skinny jeans with a high waist that not only your buttocks nice to hug but according to insiders, that was not mentioned would be also very useful to any rolls of fat along the way to zippers. Sounds promising.

Tali Lennox, Petra Collins, Jillian Harvey, Joan Jett, Marloes Horst, Erin Wasson, Leigh Lezark and Phoebe Collings-James at the launch of the Lot700 line © Levi’s

The donning of the pants went very smooth. After the converting of the sizes (I wrote it already: I’m really not a jeanskenner) I decided for a size 30. “That may safely be smaller,” said the saleswoman who vision after the suggestion of a pal, 29, and 28 (where I’m all effortlessly managed to squeeze) prompt had risen to New Best Friend. “You might even get a 27 can handle, though, a pair of jeans may be a little tight.”

I remembered campagnefoto of tall models whose legs topped laity with a denimsaus and had to admit that she was right, it was an impressive sight and if there is one pants that feature could match, then it was the model that I have on my body. Right? Not so.

How to get of a few seconds of bestie to enemy can go proved to be the Levi’s girl when she suggested that I have the 710 even supposed to be lifting, among experts also known as the superduperskinny called. Sleep probably still some Antwerp pets bad after my thunderous bulderlach, but after 28 years with my calves, I know perfectly well what is and is not on my shin. Still nahikkend I pushed the piece of stretch on my ankles and sjorde it up over my calves. So far So good, but a tight garment that fits to my calf’s obviously too loose on my thighs, to my waist, not to mention.

© Levi’s

I could squatten!

I think that Levi’s are happy that their winkelmeisje has continued, because after this pasbeurt I was only really convinced of their ability. The pants slid over my form and intertwined with my body, without that I strange lines, wrinkles, loose pieces of fabric or cut veins experienced. I could squatten -thank you Kayla – no worries and I am sure that my love (and Kanye West and pepermolenbouwers) very excited would have been if I with this super-tight, inktblauwe copy was at home.

Unfortunately. Despite my joy at my buddy 27 -a number that I usually only have on the back of the bus see – I left the shop with a 714 (with straight pipes) in a 31, for an oversized fit. I play already a life-long hide-and-seek with my inner pepper mill, and just like Levi’s prides itself on heritage and a rich past, I am not planning on a winning team to change.


Levi’s does not lie: with the Lot700 line, they have a collection created that even the most notorious jeanshater can convince. A great fit, a solid yet butter soft stretch and a campaign in which the woman celebrates, that are good points in our system. Moreover, this collection of our editor, a good lesson learned: you are nothing with a piece of clothing that you embrace, as you do.


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