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You do want to eat healthy, but have very little time to cook for yourself? It was often a problem, because afhaalvoedsel late tend not to know as very balanced. Really could have been, because now there is Fuel, a brand new service that is fresh and nutritious ready to eat meals and delivers. Myth or reality: tested it out.

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Fuel is a new Antwerp company that prepared meals inspired by topsportvoeding to the home. By delicious and fresh food to combine with scientific insights on the basis of a healthy nutrition wants its customers to support their healthy intentions. The idea comes perhaps from the sports, yet anyone can enjoy it, even if you are gluten – or lactose-intolerant, because many of their dishes contain substances are not.

That all sounds all fine, but it is a look at the site that convinces the Fuel to give it a try: the food look simply delicious. The recipes change every two weeks, so each month two times the re are salivating for your screen. You have a choice between a meat, fish or vegetarian variant and also in terms of the amount of you will have a decision.

Way or…

On the basis of desired results, set the Fuel, in fact, three portion sizes; for. If you want a healthy way to lose weight without hungry? Then you can choose your Way, or lean, less carbohydrates, but high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Just eat healthy do you do with a Way of balance and athletes can benefit from a Way or challenge. This gives you a larger portion than in the other two variants, but are the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins or more is set to an active lifestyle.

The preparations of the meals is done by the chef Francesco De Candia of the restaurant Fransesco & Julia, the deliveries by bike (for the time being only in Antwerp) were entrusted to Parcify. There are also a few collection points.

Enough geleuterd, time to taste! This is what we found:


“It was difficult to choose from the menu on the Fuel website: the dishes all looked very tasty and were also nice in image brought. That sounds superficial but that does to me a lot – just think of those laminated menu cards that you on the boulevard of Lloret de Mar, making your nightmares get of calamari. Soit. I decided to go for the fish dish – grilled salmon, a mix of red and green quinoa, asparagus and a very tasty sauce, my friend chose the chicken with sweet potato. What I useful found was that you can choose the size of your serving could choose, though a small serving for me is not necessarily the be burned as a dish for people who want to lose weight.

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You’ll discuss a time and a day (they were very flexible!) and you get your food in beautiful colored cardboard boxes delivered to your home. Also here was branding me immediately on: I like to eat in a pleasant-looking packaging instead of a white container that drips from the fat! On the box are bereidingsmogelijkheden all had our dishes for just two minutes in the microwave needed to be served. My “small” portion was the same size as that of my friend who -hey hey cliché – for a large portion of it was gone. No fault of the company, as evidenced by the testimonies of my colleagues – I would hesitate to have my share of can be cut in half and the next day bring for lunch, were it not that the delicious was and I set it up to within I pushed. Not really “lean”, but delicious! Also about the chicken, nothing but compliments. Our Fuel-night for us, it was both a relief – not because we don’t often order it, it is because we don’t often cook. Since we’re both late home after work, we tend to really do not make sense to have to cook, and eat after 22h, apparently, very unhealthy. We live so often in restaurants, quick snacks, easy to swallow out of the fridge or to place an order and forget sometimes how much virtue a real fresh meal can do.

For me, the concept is, therefore, a shot in the rose: a delicious, healthy and fresh dish which, thanks to the information on the website perféct know what’s inside, on flexible hours and delivered at a fair price (yet for people who simply are not cooking yourself). I think I’m also right in the target group. The only downside that I could think of is that the food for the week to be updated so that we not every day of the week to order.”


“My love and I cook like to, but – yes, that eternal excuse – too little time to each day a balanced meal on the table to conjure up. When we got the chance to Fuel it to the test, we were so very curious about the concept. We opted for the vegetarian option, a times ‘way or ‘lean’ and a time ‘way, or challenge’. The week of our test day was the vegetarian option, a quinoasalade with pumpkin, feta cheese, mint leaves and a raspberry dressing. Sounded in any case, very tasty and healthy in the ears.

The delivery came about ten minutes after the agreed time, pretty well timed so. However, I was already ready at the door to go down to empty, with a rumbling stomach. After “thank you, goodbye,” called to the boy that our meals came to deliver, ran I back to the stairs (sporty lifestyle, made possible thanks to our liftloze building) and I poured the meals from the beautiful cardboard boxes on two plates. The small portion was intended for me and the larger for my love, which is – admittedly – a bit larger and more sporty and so more energy can use.

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In terms of composition, we saw not much difference, but the way of challenge ” resulted in a slightly fuller plate. Though we saw not a big difference. What struck me was that I pretty much cheese on my plate had lying around. More than I would choose for a healthy, light meal. I am however a very big eater for my small stature. I basically had a small portion can leave the day after for lunch to eat, but it was too delicious to save. The combination of the ingredients was a true smaakfestijn. Also the dressing gave an extra key and some spice to the meal. Since the prices do not vary as the size of the meal and we have no difference noticed in the composition, you would also get the largest portion of order and in two parts, the next day, the rest to eat. Our verdict? A very good alternative for bestelmaaltijden, where we would like to use it in the future.”


“You know, that kind of person that all of her social contact immediately associate it with food? Where an aperitif on a terrace time and time again ends with new technology? Also (a bit) difficult if they are too long a period of time no good food? Well, that kind of a person I am. Good food and cooking is an important part of my life and even I can rarely. I love the don’t count in the evenings when I get home after the average dinner time and from hangriness (see above), but anything in my mouth gag. Sin of course, because there’s nothing like a light meal full of vegetables and surprising smakencombinaties. So I’m doing joy-songs, every time when new services begin that healthy food deliver to you at home.

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After the euphoria of the introduction: order! Hubby asks for a vegetarian Way of Balance, I go for a fish in the same portion size. I had opted for delivery during a free day on which I first wanted to go for a jog and then in the afternoon could enjoy a sportvriendelijke meal. Delivery however, is possible only in the afternoon, so that plan was a bit shattered cases. (Now yes; I’m go jogging, but then I starved a pack of salty biscuits eaten while waiting on my Fuel delivery.)

The courier arrived at a quarter past two, which is a quarter of an hour after the agreed delivery time, but given the biscuits so no issue. My juicy piece of salmon with quinoa, a mix of crunchy stir fried green vegetables (broccoli, sugar snaps and fennel) and a delicious dressing were nicely packed in a box with doorkijkraam. I’ve really done my best – I had finally workout, but my Way of Balance was too large. No problem, because the small surplus I have just one day later eaten. Also gentleman was very satisfied, had not the slightest problem with the portion size.”


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