Test Purchase should a complaint against 16 honey producers

More than half of exclusive types of honey does not meet the legal standards, so ondervong Test-Purchase. The consumer organisation asks for the Belgian legislation and filed a complaint against sixteen manufacturers.

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Test-aankoop investigated 28 exclusive types of honey; that is honey that comes from one specific species of plant or from one specific region. The consumer pays for that honey is often a lot more than regular honey. And that is not always justified, says Test-aankoop.

‘The way open for abuse’

From labotesten shows that more than half do not meet the legal standards of freshness and suikersamenstelling or not is derived exclusively from the nectar of the plant or region that is on the label is listed. As it turns out Italian oranjebloesemhoning in reality distelhoning with pollen from Central Africa, are in Belgian koolzaadhoning pollen of Asian plants, and in pricey New Zealand manukahoning pollen grains from the American continent.

Five of the tested exclusive honeys contain small quantities of honingvreemde sugars.

According to the Belgian legislation, the verkoopsbenaming to be supplemented with an indication of a flower or plant, if the product entirely or for the most part, and thereto are main characteristics derives, says Test-aankoop. This vague definition opens the door for abuse, according to the organization. Who wants, therefore, that the law will be amended. The consumers ‘ association has also lodged a complaint with the federal public service Economy against sixteen products.

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