‘Test developed recurrent bladder cancer already at an early stage demonstrates’

‘Test developed recurrent bladder cancer already at an early stage demonstrates’

Scientists could be a test devised that, faster and more accurate than existing tests, recurrent bladder cancer can show.

For a study, published Friday in the British Journal of Cancer, tested, researchers from the university hospital in Lyon, the urine of 348 blaaskankerpatiënten to a defective protein called TERT.

The presence of this protein would be in accordance with the onderzoekersbij 80 percent of the patients found to have shown that they in the near future bladder cancer could get. The methodology, called cytology, which is used for recurrent bladder cancer to predict, found the protein but only 43 percent of the tested patients.

The new test would, in an earlier stage than in the cytology test, bladder cancer that has not spread to the muscle wall, can detect. Doctors would be doing this already with a treatment can be started before the patient’s symptoms. Another advantage of the new test would be that this bladder cancer of a urinary tract infection can be distinguished.


Professor Alain Ruffion, one of the researchers of the university hospital in Lyon says: “the standard cytology test, there is always a need of a physician that the results by a microscope looks at. The results of the TERT-test, on the other hand is read by a computer, which is a more simpler and accurate way,” says the researcher.

Anna Perman, senior science diffusion manager at Cancer Research UK, says that the study is very promising. “There is, however, more research is needed to see whether this test more people who are in an early stage of bladder cancer, time can help.”

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