Tesla sued in China after fatal accident

Tesla sued in China after fatal accident

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Tesla is in China sued after a fatal crash with a Tesla car. The father of the victim claims that the crash and by Tesla’s Autopilot feature was caused, but Tesla says that the Autopilot was not enabled at the time of the accident.

According to the manufacturer of electric cars, is it at all not possible that his Autopilot is the cause of accidents, because the Autopilot “just an observant driver completes” and so not to drive. That writes the Financial Times Tuesday.

The father of the 23-year-old victim, who in January on a Chinese highway in his Tesla on a truck collided with and killed, says that Tesla and the car salesman that the car sold, their customers mislead. The Autopilot feature would be buyers the idea that the car itself can control, while Tesla emphasized that the function is only meant to be an observant driver to to fill.

The car manufacturer says that collected data shows that the Autopilot feature “when properly used, clearly veilger is” than a manual drive.

Hands on the wheel

Tesla say that the 23-year-old Chinese warnings that he had his hands on the wheel had to keep, ignored. “The truck, where he eventually would collide, was almost 20 seconds is clearly visible. Nevertheless, did the driver have nothing to avoid a collision or to control his vehicle to maintain.”

The father of the victim wants now that Tesla’s data release so that the court can assess whether the Autopilot was switched on or not.

If it should turn out that the Autopilot is turned on at the time of the crash, the 23-year-old Chinese with retroactive effect, the first deadly victim in a Tesla with the Autopilot on. He would rather than the American who in June was killed when both he himself, as his Tesla an entering truck missed and below.

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