Tesla releases new version Autopilot feature possible next week

Tesla releases new version Autopilot feature possible next week

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Car manufacturer Tesla is on the verge of a major update for its zelfrijdfunctie Autopilot. According to CEO Elon Musk appears the update “next week”

The neural net where the Autopilot is running, would, according to Musk is now well functioning. The company wants the feature now only still much in practice in different environments to test with users.

Previously it appeared that Tesla in the large Autopilot-update still not all zelfrijdfuncties went on. The company first wanted the emergency brakes, botsingswaarschuwingen and cruise control better testing. It is unclear whether what options will be available next week.

Looks like we might be ready to rollout most of the Autopilot functionality for HW2 towards the end of next week


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01:01 – december 23, 2016

The Autopilot feature Tesla was earlier this year a reason for a big fuss, after a self-propelled car of this, the company, in a fatal accident involved.

Tesla stressed that the accident is an “exceptional situation” was. The Autopilot would also still officially in a testing phase.

International watchdogs to do since the accident inquiry to Tesla. The Dutch government Wegwerkverkeer called the Autopilot-function is misleading.

Tesla shows what is self-propelled car looks

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