Tesla is working with Panasonic to solar cells

Tesla is working with Panasonic to solar cells

Photo: Tesla

Automaker Tesla will work together with the Japanese company Panasonic is working on the development of solar cells and panels.

The cells must ultimately be connected to the Powerwall and Powerpack, Tesla batteries for use in the home. That the companies Sunday night announced.

Earlier locks Tesla and Panasonic already have a partnership for the development of batteries. That in the Model 3, the cheaper Tesla car next year.

Production of the Panasonic solar cells should also be in 2017 start. Tesla wants to the cells over a long long term purchases from Panasonic.

Actually, Tesla Monday, a productaankondiging, but director Elon Musk, the company tweeted that the presentation has been postponed to Wednesday. “There are still a few days of sophistication is needed,” he wrote.


It is unclear to what the product is all about. Possible improved version of the Autopilot software for the control of Tesla cars could partly take over.

In Germany transportminister Alexander Dobrindt, the company is allowed to use the name Autopilot is still to be used in advertising, because this according to him may suggest that drivers no longer need to pay attention to That, reports Reuters.

In several countries, controversy arose over the Autopilot feature after an American died in an accident that occurred when the Autopilot was turned on. Tesla emphasizes self also that owners of its cars to the Autopilot not being able to use as zelfrijfunctie, and that they are on the road must continue to pay attention to.

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