Tesla hopes more to prevent accidents with Autopilot update

Tesla hopes more to prevent accidents with Autopilot update

Tesla has a new update announced for the Autopilot, the function that allows the car to partially self-driving. According to the company, the new software accidents.

With the new update, drivers are forced to get their hands on the wheel. There is also a more precise use made of the radar, so obstacles on the road in time to be able to brands.

Last may there came a man from the American state of Ohio for life, when he was in his Tesla under the trailer of a truck, came out of it. The car drove in the Autopilot mode. According to Tesla-ceo Elon Musk is the chance of this kind of accidents is now much smaller.

“We can do this kind of things cannot say with certainty, but we think that is very likely,” said Musk on the question of whether that accident prevention would be with this update. The new version of the Autopilot would, according to Musk, “a large metal object” notice, then braking would be by car.

Tesla used the radar now as a primary scanning system, with the camera as a secondary help. Previously, that was exactly the other way around; the camera was the main sensor to make the way to keep an eye on, assisted by the radar.

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