Tesla does not need cars to recall after fatal accident

Tesla does not need cars to recall after fatal accident

Tesla does not need self-propelled cars recalled in the United States. In 2016 there was a fatal accident with a Tesla in the Autopilot mode which is against a truck aanreed.

That is the conclusion of a U.s. government body that is set up for safe driving, accidents on the road occur and save lives, reports the BBC Thursday.

Joshua Brown came in may 2016 to the life by a crash against a truck. Are Tesla drove in Autopilot mode.

Tesla has previously in a response said that the Autopilot is only intended for assisting drivers, and that drivers always have their hands on the wheel, to adhere to it.

The function can directors do help on the highway, for example, during a lane change manoeuvre. Also, there may be responded to on what happens on the road so, for example, when an accident takes place.

After the crash, Tesla founder Elon Musk also said that Model S-car of the white side of the truck could not see because of the bright light of the sky. Also called Musk the death of Brown, a tragic loss.

The U.s. government authority responsible for the safety on the road will Tesla and the Autopilot, however, strictly to keep an eye on.


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